Spoke Newsletter – 08/16/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 08/16/2018


Dave Byers is the International Relationship Manager for esri. He was the 466th person hired at Environmental Systems Research Institute in 1988, and esri now employs or contracts with more than 8,000 people across the globe to deliver geographical mapping software to a wide variety of agencies, organizations, and institutions. Contrary to most peoples’ understanding, esri creates and deploys their software, and the users (400,000 and counting) determine how and what to use it for. A very abbreviated list of the applications esri’s software is being used for includes urban planning, mining, vineyard management, disaster response, timber harvesting, city planning, and citizen engagement. The software can integrate virtually form of data into the program for analysis and use, and the company makes their software available at no charge for any and every school in grades K through 12 worldwide. On a more human level, Dave enumerated why he and many other teammates stay with esri for so long: the diversity of the staff, a collegial and cooperative atmosphere, and the emphasis on education and conservation through location intelligence.


The non-profit Dibble Institute promotes relationship training for youth, particularly in the context of dating and romantic relationships. Why and how they do this will be explained by President and Executive Director Kay Reed and Treasurer David Maupin.



Kurt Burmeister, General Manager and COO of the Redlands Country Club will enlighten us on what it takes to run RCC and, perhaps, tell a few stories about the many members there who hail from Rotary Club of Redlands.


Like Sherman through Georgia, PREZ JOE continued his relentless march through the Club members seeking full and immediate funding for his annual budget. He used the very favorable YELP reviews of our local YMCA to extract a C-note from DARWIN BARNETT, though DARWIN got a little pay-back by forcing PREZ JOE to admit that he and his family were not members.

Next, CAL BOOTHBY was recognized because a search through his FaceBook photos revealed this 30+ year old photo of a hirsute CAL and family on the beach at Newport.

Cal Boothby







More appropriate recognition might have been made with an explanation from CAL as to exactly why his son was so obviously unhappy to be there.


If you’re reading this issue of The Spoke on-line before today’s meeting, please remember to throw a couple of food or other grocery items into a bag and bring them to the meeting. PAT MEYER will collect the donations and take them to the Family Services Association later. If possible, any canned goods should not require a can opener. FSA can also use children’s arts and craft supplies, kitchen and household goods, personal hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditioner), paper products (napkins, paper towels, disposable diapers), new or gently used clothing, and brand-new socks and underwear. Family Services has ongoing needs, of course, but since Pat has volunteered to deliver on behalf of Club members today, let’s try to load him down.


RCOR Board of Director meetings are held the third Thursday of each month right after the regular Club meeting at the Masonic Lodge. In fact, there’s one right after the meeting today! Meetings are open to all members, and attendance at a Board meeting is one requirement to turn your red member badge to a blue member badge.


In 1812, an imminent American attempt to invade and annex Canada fails when Gen. William Hull, reportedly frightened into “a state of near incoherence,” surrenders his entire army at Detroit without firing a shot.


As we come into the middle of August the students return to school and the end of summer is now in sight. Now that school is back in let’s not forget the many ways we can serve our local community by helping the local students! Whether it be via the dictionary project, breakfast and a book, PRYDE, or even RYLA. We have many ways to help the future Rotarians in our local schools and show them what Rotary is all about! I know for a fact we are still looking for folks to help with PRYDE so if you want to help on this one be sure to let MIKE BOSMAN know!

Lastly if you’re itching to learn more about Rotary than you thought possible then be sure to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute September 8th! Let CAL BOOTHBY know and we will get you registered!

As always there is never a time when there isn’t some way to help here in our club! So be sure to get involved any way you can!

Editor—Jim Nolin — Edition No. 7, August 16, 2018

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