Spoke Newsletter – 08/15/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 08/15/2019


Do you love a surprise? I love a surprise!! Guess what– today’s program is a surprise!!!


How about all of that money that was raised to send toPolio Plus last week? Who knew playing BINGO couldbe so rewarding – especially so for BERNIE O’PREY!


NATALEE MARIE GREGSON survived the horror ofhuman trafficking, and will visit the Club to share herperspectives on this challenging issue.


The ROTARY CLUB OF REDLANDS “BOOZECRUISE” (on land) is coming up! After all of the BINGOpractice last week, you’ll have the joy of playing again onthe bus to and from Harrah’s Resort Southern Californiaon Saturday, October 5. And if you’re not the gamblingtype, Harrah’s boasts SoCal’s first Swim-up Bar, a 400-foot Lazy River, nine hot tubs, and 23 cabanas, which allcombine to offer a poolside paradise.


Those of you who still read newspapers may have seenthe recent article in the Los Angeles Times by KARLZIMMERMAN featuring a spread on the Smiley Familyresort Mohonk Mountain House in New York (or “TheHonk”, as CHRIS WALKER might say). In it wasdiscovered the following:

‘The Smileys made their money at Mohonk and spentit in Redlands,’ said LARRY E. BURGESS, a formerlongtime director of the A.K. Smiley Public Library andauthor of the book ‘Mohonk and the Smileys: A NationalHistoric Landmark and the Family That Created It.’

The brothers are still known as the ‘patron saints ofRedlands,’ and their birthday, March 17, has beencelebrated as Patron Saints Day since 1908 and remainsa festive occasion. “I don’t think any other city in thecountry does anything like this,” BURGESS said.”

Mohonk is certainly a place with a lot to offer – just askputting tournament team BOB HEINZE and JERRYMIHLD!


Recently, the July 15, 1999 edition of THE SPOKE,written by DICK TITERA, surfaced in the Archives atSmiley Library. In the CLUB NOTES section was found:SALLY REHFELDT is the choice of our Board as the‘Pianist.’ She played with an extra twinkle to the notesand made things easier for JIM BRASWELL our ClubSong Leader. This is a special part of our Club Programand is catching up on JIM BRASWELL’s leadership.”

Certainly SALLY is due kudos for putting up with us for20 years! The editor has estimated that she has probablyhad to endure playing “Smile” some 1,000 times, and shestill smiles…


Thank you to all the Rotarians who came out to SupportB-I-N-G-O for POLIO. We had a great time playingBINGO and we had 4 big winners:

Don’t forget to register for our HARRAH’S Turn AroundOctober 5th. This trip supports our POLIO efforts andwe need your support! Tickets are only 50.00pp, inviteyour spouse, friends and family. Join me POOLSIDE atour ROTARY CABANAS, as I don’t gamble but I love tosoak up the SUN. Our MYSTERY DINNER will be helpat FOX Theatre. It’s replacing our RWB this year andour committee is excited to show us all a great eveningas we raise money for our scholarships and programs.If you interested in being a part of this event please seeJAN HUDSON.

We are excited to welcome our NEWEST MEMBERS tothe club: DAWN MCCOY and DAMON NEEDLEMAN,they are going to be great Rotarians.

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