Spoke Newsletter – 08/02/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 08/02/2018


Club members assembled at the Lincoln Shrine for the World Premiere run of the long-awaited, multi-media presentation of “Reflections of the Face of Abraham Lincoln,” created by Garner Holt Productions, Inc. To say that the presentation was fantastic is an understatement, as cutting-edge technology was skillfully used to bring 19th Century history to life through photographs, lights, music, animatronics, and the words of Lincoln and others. Even if you could care less about American history, the “face” itself possesses the most sophisticated works of any other mechanical figure in the world with the ability to articulate virtually every expression a human face can. The program is appropriate and recommended for school-aged children through adults, and the modest admission cost of a (Face of Lincoln) $5 bill is worth every (Face of Lincoln) penny. Though the program runs at the Shrine through December 29th, don’t wait until the last minute to see it. You will want to see it again. Bring your friends.


Diane Adams, children’s book author, Professor of Children’s Literature and Expository Writing, and resident of Redlands will discuss the importance of the genre and maybe even talk about several of the books she’s written.


Dave Byer, an employee at Redlands-based ESRI for 20+ years will offer a history of that organization, and tell us where it’s been, where it is, and where it’s going. Perhaps PRESIDENT HORZEN will extend an invitation to Dave to become an official liaison between RCOR and ESRI.


Kathy Johnson 7/6                         Mark Heideman 7/8

Mike Bosman 7/9                           Beverly Noerr 7/9

Darwin Barnett 7/12                       Victoria Marshall 7/15

Larry Burgess 7/18                         Lori Rhodes 7/18

Marvin Hudson 7/19                       Briana Limon 7/19

Joseph Kibler 7/25                         Jacqui Lanier 7/28

Jon Scharer 7/28                            Jim Holmes  7/29

Ed Morrison 7/29


You clearly don’t have to be a great singer to be the weekly song leader (*cough* A.J.) and you don’t have to be a great writer to edit “The Spoke.” As song leader, half your repertoire is already set in stone, and you can pick any tune out of the Great American Song Book for the other half. Perhaps the best minimalist song leader in Club history is DR. LOWELL LINDEN who raises his arm when the pianist starts, drops it to indicate that Rotarians should “start singing now,” and immediately returns to his seat as they do so. Simple and effective. “The Spoke” editor gets information about the upcoming programs from NEAL WANER, Program Chair, writes a review of the program from the previous week, and announces upcoming events, deadlines, and initiatives. Once a month, Club Secretary RALPH FELLER gives the editor a birthday list. Each Tuesday in the month, the editor emails the content to Citrograph Printing Co. for printing that week’s newsletter. Again, a simple and valuable job. There’s no reason why 2 or 3 Rotarians can’t sign up for a month to lead us in song, and for you Red Badgers, becoming a song leader is a GREAT way to win friends and influence people. For song leader, the months February through June are open. See Barbara O’Keefe to sign up. BETTY AUTON-BECK rides herd on “The Spoke,” and she needs editors for February, April, May, and June. If you get writer’s block, BETTY or any other former editor would be happy to offer their help.


No, not the end-of-the-year holiday celebrations, but back-to- school! In a very few weeks, RCOR will once more gear-up our many programs of service to the students in Redlands: student reps, Students-of-the-Month, Rising Stars, Breakfast- and-a-Book, Interact, Rotaract, the dictionary hand-outs, and the rest. Interaction with and service to our students has been consistently rated by our club members as the primary focus RCOR should have, and there are plenty of opportunities for our members to share a little or share a lot of time helping in one of our youth services areas. Volunteer for what you like or let Youth Services Director MIKE BOSMAN pick out a spot for you right away. You can’t lose!


If you haven’t gotten an email from Secretary RALPH FELLER (RotarySec@aol.com) or JIM NOLIN (cme4forms@aol.com) in the last 3 weeks, we don’t have a good email address for you. Please get one to us both so we can keep you fully informed as the year progresses.


In 1964, the U.S. Navy destroyer Maddox reports that it has been attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin.


As we enter the second month of the Rotary year the theme is “Membership and New Club Development Month”. As we look to develop our membership let’s all be sure to remember all the great things, and people, in our club and be sure to share that with folks who aren’t Rotarians yet! If we have a friend who isn’t a member, let’s get them in the door! The more members we have the more we can positively impact our community through service projects, volunteerism, or other avenues. SANDI BENTLEY is doing an outstanding job as our director of membership so let’s all be sure to see if there are any ways we can help her in that regard during this Rotary year. We added 2 new members in July so let’s keep that momentum going and keep growing our membership for the good of the club and the community.

Editor—Jim Nolin — Edition No. 5, August 02, 2018

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