Spoke Newsletter – 07/27/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 07/27/2017

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon spoke with the club about many public safety-related issues, chief among them the state of our county jail system. He had much to discuss regarding the inmate welfare programs we employ, and we have STAN WEISSER’S lovely wife Ellen to thank for serving the county in this regard. Also, PREZ AJ’S reign of terror continues without our student reports – hold on to your wallets, because he has plenty of fining time, and he seems to be in no shortage of material!

We will be addressed by the President of our own California State University, San Bernardino, Tomas Morales. He will be bringing us updates on the state of the university, its students, and its faculty.

The summer of fun continues at the Redlands Bowl this week, with their featured musical running tonight through Sunday. Go see the magic of Disney’s Tarzan brought to the stage by an incredible cast, complete with a stirring score by Phil Collins. And on Tuesday night, August 1st, we will again be delighted by the Redlands Symphony Orchestra as they perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

Don’t forget about our club’s upcoming YOUNG PROFESSIONALS mixer! JOE HORZEN and BILL HATFIELD have been hard at work putting together a fun evening for us at the Inland Empire 66ers game on August 19th. Mark your calendars for the fun event! ALL AGES ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND to mix and mingle with our club’s young professionals as well as some new potential members!

It would have been hard to miss NATHAN GONZALES as he MCed at the Redlands Bowl last Friday night all decked out in his shiniest coat in honor of the Beatles tribute band on the stage!
Congratulations to our very own MEGAN BARICH, who got married on Saturday! Her beautiful wedding was attended by several club members, including VICTORIA MARSHALL, JAN HUDSON, MARVIN HUDSON, and PHILLIP NAMAN. It’s possible your Spoke editor also had some involvement in that affair, but this club must have some sort of policy on selfincrimination. In any case, wish MEGAN well on her honeymoon! (I wonder if she has a travel permit for that?)

Arron Ares 31st
Darwin Barnett 12th
Jerry Bean 3rd
Michael Bosman 9th
Larry Burgess 18th
Mark Heideman 8th
Jim Holmes 29th
Marvin Hudson 19th
Kathy Johnson 6th
Joseph Kibler 25th
Jacqui Lanier 28th
Brina Limon 19th
Lowell Linden 12th
Victoria Marshall 15th
Beverly Noerr 9th
Lori Rhodes 18th
Thomas Rogers 3rd
John Schaer 28th
Roger Stafford 19th
John Tincher 22nd

Why Did I Join Rotary
My answer as to why I joined Rotary is not as altruistic as some of you. I was/am not an owner of a successful business who was ready to give back to the community (maybe someday). In fact, when I joined Rotary, I was exactly the opposite. I was a member of a small law firm that was just starting out in Redlands and the owners suggested that I seek out a community organization to begin to network. I looked at a variety of organizations including the Chamber of Commerce until it was suggested that I check out some of the service clubs in town.

I knew that if I was going to join a service club, it would be one that supported kids. My law practice and prior career as a correctional officer showed me what happens when kids are left alone and get in trouble. My practice in the field of business law introduced me to many young men and women who had turned their lives around and became very successful. So, one night while I was at my son’s Troop 3 Boy Scout meeting I spoke to NEAL WANER about Rotary. He told me about the various community service projects and youth service projects that Rotary does and invited me to a meeting. After the second meeting, I asked NEAL how one becomes a member. Was it one of those clubs where they send you to Tijuana for a night and you must find your way home? Neal assured me that there would be no drugs or alcohol involved in the membership application process. It turned out to be a nice breakfast with some wonderful Rotarians who explained all the things we do.

So, I was hooked. I filled out an application and on a day when all were asleep at the wheel, I was invited to join the club. That was in 2011, now in 2017, you have entrusted me to be your President (silly members). Between 2011 and now my reasons for being a member of Rotary have changed. In the beginning, it was to meet leaders in the community. Today I go to meetings to spend time with my friends for whom I have a great deal of respect for. But I want to emphasis that Rotary is much more than a once a week lunch event. It is becoming involved with all the things we do. You don’t need to start off leading a program, but in September when VICTORIA MARSHALL and JIM NOLAN sent out notices about Breakfast and a Book, stop by and have fun with them. If DAVE MAUPIN talks about going on a shopping spree with special needs adults, or meeting our youth at a Compact mixer, take the time to step in if you can. In a few weeks, JACQUI LANIER will need volunteers for Red Wine & Brews, join the team. Become part of the groups that make a difference in our community. Once you do, your reason for joining Rotary may change from “networking” to “Service Above Self.”

Jacqui Lanier, Editor – #4 July 27, 2017

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