Spoke Newsletter – 07/17/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 07/17/2014

Today our new Prez, Jim Nolin, will give his inaugural address, in which he will outline his hopes and plans for the next year. No doubt we will soon learn the hallmarks of the new administration.

Deputy San Bernardino County Sheriff Mike Jones and the H.O.P.E. (Homeless Outreach Pro-Active Enforcement) Team explained H.O.P.E.’s proactive approach to dealing with the homeless population and panhandlers. Mike pointed out that the homeless and panhandlers are two separate groups (many panhandlers are not homeless, but are trying to support a drug or alcohol problem). Homelessness and panhandling are both social and criminal is-
sues, contributing to a revolving door of arrest/incarceration/release with respect to homeless-related and street crimes. Since the state’s AB 109 prison realignment, there is no room left in the county jail, making the revolving door turn even faster. Mike argued that the long term solution is to work with the homeless, and to end homelessness among veterans. He noted that there are an estimated 136,000 homeless in the state, and that the
chronic homeless (living on the street one year or more) cost taxpayers $34,000/year. Finally, Mike implored the general public to not reward panhandlers with cash. It is far
better to contribute to organizations that deal with homelessness.

On July 24th we will hear about Micah House, an after-school ministry for children and youth from 1st through 12th grades supported by the Trinity Community Foundation. Micah House’s outreach was created for the purpose of meeting the tremendous challenges faced by kids in the under-resourced neighborhoods of North Redlands.

Time for a little (belated) recognition of all those Club members who devoted their labor and their talent to a successful City of Redlands July 4th celebration, attended this year
by about 12,000 people. Bill McCalmon, of course, organized Rotary’s contribution (and much else), as he has done for many years. The other Rotarians who contributed to the success of the event, ushering the thousands of attendees, were (in no particular order) Dave Wilson, Pat Meyer, Janet Greenfield, Kathy Johnson, Alan Griesemer, Bernie O’Prey, Pam Huston, Mark Heideman, Maria Whitaker-Saucedo, Mario Saucedo, Dick Romo, Jim Pinder, and Jan Sherman. Finally, University of Redlands Athletic Director (and long-standing Rotarian)Jeff Martinez was instrumental in making sure that everything was pulled off flawlessly at the University’s Ted Runner Stadium.

Turkey & Swiss Deli Style Sandwiches; Cucumber Salad Cole Slaw; Salad Bar; Snicker Doodle Cookies

Chili Colorado, Tortilla Chips, Papas, Salad Bar, Flan

Our own Nathan Gonzalez was featured on the front page of the Redlands Daily Facts July 11th (last Friday) in a big write-up about his 1960s-era home on Los Altos Drive, which has received a “historic designation” title from the City. The article in the Facts notes that Nathan’s home is graced by 1960s-era period furniture and even a rotary dial phone. So, the Redlands Conservancy will be transported back to another era when it meets at the Los Altos Drive home for its fall fundraiser. I don’t know about you, but those of us who were already “of age” in the 1960s – some serving in Vietnam, others playing “kick the teargas canister” at places like Berkeley – have a hard time thinking about anything from the 1960s as “historic.”

On behalf of Jo and myself, I’d like to offer my deep and sincere thanks to our many, many friends of this Club for their constant and unwavering support for us. We are over-
whelmed and humbled by how many of you have gone the extra mile to be sure our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs were being taken care of. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It feels rather odd to be writing my first presidential message for the SPOKE three weeks into my term of office. Being otherwise occupied for the last month, my attendance at Rotary functions has been, well, non-existent. Four weeks is not really a very long time chronologically, but consider how much I missed by not being here:

1. The last meeting of the Reign of Robbing Hood, complete with a dramatic presentation;

2. The Prez Pinder demotion party;

3. Ushering with my fellow Rotarians at the Redlands Bowl;

4. Helping out with the Fourth of July extravaganza at the U of R;

5. Craft Talks from Maria Whitaker-Saucedo and Mark Abell that I would really have liked to have heard;

6. Finding out more about two Redlands service organizations and opportunities with RCOR ties, the Common Vision Coalition and Engaging Young People in Communication Skills;

7. A dynamic program concerning another opportunity for service from Sherriff’s Deputy Mike Jones addressing the homelessness problem in San Bernardino County and how there is H.O.P.E.

Fellowship, enlightenment, entertainment, and opportunities for service occur every week in the Rotary Club of Redlands. Please take full advantage of what this Club has to offer. Be here.

July 17, 2014 – No. 03 – Editor: Graeme Auton

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