Spoke Newsletter – 07/16/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 07/16/2015

WAYNE SCOTT and cast members of the forthcoming production for the Redlands Community Music Association’s Mary Poppins presented a splendid selection of songs. RAY WATTS himself in the cast along with members of his family, and also the young son of ZACK and BERANGERE TUCKER are among the Rotarians included in the performances. This should be a “sell out” or at least a “free out” since WAYNE has assembled an able cast with a story to match. He even has a contraption to let Mary Poppins fly. Several have suggested that Prexy NATHAN should test it out….

Our own DAVID JAMES WILSON will present a program about the work, initiatives and programs of Micah house.

Next Week
A closely held secret, not seen safe enough to vouchsafe to the editor. Rotarians will hold their breath until then.

Heard on the street….
DARWIN BARNETT is headed to the new executive offices in the remodeled Y building and doubtless ROY COBLE is smiling down upon him for all the good efforts at historic preservation and adaptive reuse, unlike the catastrophe of historical lip service over on Redlands Blvd…MARK BULOT heard to employ many glowing adjectives about the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the attendant food palaces and watering holes…Also employing adjectives perhaps with a different intonation is KEVIN CORREIA and his views about the new gates and alley off State…Our President NATHAN and his boss DON MCCUE seen escorting a large group of Los Angeles book collectors around the Smiley, the Lincoln Shrine, and the town environs. Seems they were hustling up potential donors for the collections… BILL HATFIELD, chairman of the Hospital Board and the President JIM HOLMES have just purchased another house along the health emporium’s perimeter…Redlands Historical Museum board member BOB HODGES and co-president ALLAN GRIESEMER are heard to be about to make a major deal…Seen surveying her empty parking lot and non-useable drivethru was PAM HUSTON of Bank of America, who for two weeks will cope with State Street repaving…JEFF MARTINEZ and his cohorts are scrambling for $60,000 to host the foreign athletes and families in Redlands… dig into your wallets. Congratulations to STAN WEISSER and PHIL NAMAN for making the finals of the great Rotary plate “spinoff.” STAN claimed the championship, thus assuring a continued yearly competition as he accepted the “big plate…” both gentleman had quite original spinning techniques, thus proving that yesterday’s time eater, the pool hall, is now replaced with plate spinning….BERNIE O’PREY is off to a glorious trip to Canada…NEAL WANER returned just in time from a Vancouver vacation to join MARTHA GREEN as auctioneers for the annual Bowl Associate’s Gala…and last but not least, LYNN WHITMER is the new secretary of the board of the Redlands Community Foundation.

In Memoriam
For three decades RAY ROBINSON attended our club, served on committees, wrote lyrics for presidential songs that zinged and dinged to the delight of the members. He passed away on Friday last and no longer will we delight in his gentle humor, hearty laugh, and generous spirit. Our thought, sympathy and prayers go to his daughters, grand children, and extended family and friends.

President’s Preposterous Prose…
Striving to facilitate peace has been part of the Rotary mind at least since 1917, when Paul Harris wrote of the convention that year, “This is our first war convention, may it also be our last.”

Exactly 60 years ago today the Manhattan Project exploded the first atomic bomb in New Mexico, forever changing the possibilities of war. Over the last six decades we have seen small conflicts become large and experienced the reality of living in a nuclear age. With this contextual backdrop and understanding the need to prevent or diffuse conflicts, Rotary International created Rotary Peace Centers.

The Rotary Peace Centers program offers future world and community leaders the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree or professional development certificate in international studies, peace studies, conflict resolution, or a related field. The Rotary Peace Centers program advances research, teaching, field work, dialogue, and knowledge on issues of peace, conflict prevention and resolution, and world understanding.

If you know potential candidates who would make outstanding Rotary Peace Fellows, let us know – the program pays the entire cost of the graduate program and expenses! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to support a member of our community for this fantastic opportunity?

Editor: Larry E. Burgess July 16, 2015 No. 3

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