Spoke Newsletter – 07/13/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 07/13/2017

We welcomed our new Supreme Leader, AJ BEECHKO, with an absolute cacophony of plate spinning – and I’m not just talking about JIM NOLIN’S new hit single.” PREZ AJ mapped out his priorities for the year ahead and told us how many celebrities he rubbed shoulders with when he wasn’t melting at the International Conference in Atlanta. The plateon-plate stylings of JIM ZIEMER won the coveted honor of Plate Spinner of the Year, much to the chagrin of spinners extraordinaire PAT MEYER and STAN WEISSER.

We are honored by a visit from Superior Court Judge The Honorable Cynthia Ludvigsen. She will be enlightening us about the finer points of our civic duties and the importance of responding to the call of jury service.

Our San Bernardino County Sheriff, John McMahon, will be addressing the club with updates on county safety, Sheriff’s Department programs, and how we can get involved to support our county’s finest.

Don’t miss this week’s offerings at the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, presented by some familiar faces at Redlands Bowl Performing Arts (looking at you, BEVERLY NOERR, JAN HUDSON, and MARVIN HUDSON). Tomorrow night, July 14th, enjoy the all-star vocal group The Modern Gentlemen, who have been singing backup to the legendary Frankie Valli for 12 years! And on Tuesday, July 18th, the house will be brought down by the Villalobos Brothers, who blend traditional Mexican folk music with the intricate harmonies of jazz and classical music.

Your friendly neighborhood Young Professionals will be holding a mix-and-mingle event for ALL AGES at an I.E. 66ers game on August 19th. Tickets were generously sponsored, so come, bring your favorite young (or not-so-young) professional, and get to know some potential new Rotarians!

This seems to be a group of people skilled in the art of Mastering Ceremonies. Saturday night, NATHAN GONZALES sang for his supper at the Associates of the Redlands Bowl’s Annual Benefit. And Tuesday night, the stage at the Redlands Bowl was graced by our very own RAY WATTS, who MC’d the Young Artists Concerto Competition.

Well we made it through my first meeting as your new president. The club’s plate spinning met my expectations and more. Congratulations to JIM ZIEMMER for winning this year’s award for synchronous plates s Not sure how you trained them to do that.

As I did not have a chance to complete my trip report to Atlanta, I thought I would mention in this column, a speaker from Atlanta that really impressed me other than Bill Gates.

This was Andrew Young (pictured below). I remember him marching with Martin Luther King Jr. when I was a child, and all the work he did for Atlanta and Mobile Alabama (to eliminate discrimination). He spearheaded the Atlanta Olympics, and was our United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Andrew Young started out speaking about how blessed he is because he had parents who cared and a grandmother who made him read the bible and newspaper each day. He told us that as Martin Luther King Jr. once said, there are two things that set a person free, the lack of love of money, and the lack of the fear of death. The bible taught him not to fear death, and he learned that you can have money, but you do not need to love it.

With these concepts in mind his grandmother further told him that “for those who are blessed there is much required.” He said that many Rotarians have many blessings and implied that much is expected of us.

He talked a little about politics, and how changes through the political system are slow. On the other hand, business makes quick changes when it has a positive impact on the bottom line. Somewhere in the middle is what he calls “Civil Society.” These are the organizations that do not depend upon politics or profits to make change. These are the organizations like Rotary. He asks us to be the glue between politics and business in whatever country we work in. Mr. Yung commended us on putting forth our values of truthfulness and fairness to all in everything we do. He said Rotary meetings are a place to share ideas, and put aside profits and politics. This is how we (Rotary) succeed. He implores us to work towards a world that we want our children and grandchildren to live in. Also in all cases, maintain humility, as we will not have all the answers.

Jacqui Lanier, Editor – #2 July 13, 2017

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