Spoke Newsletter – 07/09/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 07/09/2015

Our new president, NATHAN GONZALES presented a demographic of biographical, historical, and contextual portrait of Rotary that not only explained his lifetime motivations and training for this job, but also challenged each member to honor the Club’s past, current achievements, and programs. AND, he urged us to look to the future and examine how each of us may play an important and signal role in the effort of making our Club even better than it is!

WAYNE SCOTT presents performance and background to this year’s Redlands Community Music Association’s summer musical at the Bowl: Mary Poppins. Our noted director and Club member has employed his talents before at the Bowl. This latest effort will bring the wonderful musical comositions of the Sherman Brothers and the script based on Mme. P.L Travers”s book. Any one who has seen the splendid film “Saving Mr. Banks” will appreciate how challenging WAYNE’S assignment is.

MICAH HOUSE will present a program about its latest community outreach to assist kids “at-risk” and to those whose family incomes are much less than what Rotarian families are accustomed to. Our own DAVE WILSON guides the work assisted by a number of Rotary members including DAVE MAUPIN. Micah house is a program of Trinity Community Foundation.

Heard on the street……
KEVIN CORREIA anticipates the opening of the newest Redlands park, the alley off Orange St. Others in wonderment about the project are BRIAN AHLERS and those merchants on State St. who wonder if the back will become the front or the front remain with a new back. All the editor knows is that Gold Alley in San Francisco hosts Bix one of the great grog dispensaries on the West Coast…. JACK OSBORN, his wife KATHY, and CHRIS WALKER enjoyed a trip through the wine country of the Lorie Valley in France. Will they be sharing the Chateau Margaux and the Chateau d’Yquem with us….? Rumor has it that PHIL NAMAN and STAN WEISSER may be in for a palyoff on who is the best plate spinner….. BILL MCCALMON and too many of our colleagues to mention mounted a spectacular 4th of July fireworks at the U of R stadium. Dedication and fantastic results plus devoted Rotarians at the top and down the line helped to show that there is but ONE Redlands!….Two Rotarians at the gate for VIP checkin included former President JIM PINDER and FLORIN ROMINU. They allowed that their technique is pre-traiing to become TSA guards at an airport. Big news: LYNN WHITMER and SHIRLEY HARRY just sold a big Redlands mansion, the former Jim Sloan house on “Prospect Drive.” Some of you will remember Sloan’s celebrity photographs. But how many will owe up to having seen the Marilyn Monroe and Kim Novak specials? Finally, DON MCCUE recently was in San Francisco to attend the annual meeting of the American Library Association. Ask him about a famous restaurant in Chinatown. $$$$$$$

President’s Preposterous Prose…
A big THANK YOU to everyone for making last week’s meeting a memorable welcome. My ears are still ringing.

Speaking of ringing ears, it seems to me that we need to determine the winner of our plate-spinning contest. Our two finalists are STAN “ring the dinner plate” WEISSER and PHIL “the saucer married the plate” Naman. We can decide by popular vote – so see what the candidates are ready to horse trade – or have a runoff election. It’s up to you!

Seriously, though, I know that we’re all going to continue to build on our past success as we plow ahead into the new Rotary year. As I said last week:
“Together, we make the commitment of our time, our talents, and, yes, our treasure. Together, we can end polio. Together, we can bring clean water to families. Together, we can improve the lives of those around us. Together, we can accomplish anything. We are different, but we are friends. We are individuals, but we are Rotarians. We are the Rotary Club of Redlands.

Editor: Larry E. Burgess July 9, 2015 No. 2

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