Spoke Newsletter – 07/06/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 07/06/2017

Newly minted PREZ AJ BEECHKO will be regaling us all with tales of his harrowing trip to Atlanta for Rotary International’s Convention. Did he survive the heat? Did he manage to learn anything? We’re sure to find out exactly what his presidential year has in store for us, if we can stop spinning plates long enough to pay attention

Ex-ex-president NATHAN GONZALES put the rest of us to work (lightly) ribbing our outgoing PREZ JAN HUDSON with creative slogans to commemorate some of the shining moments from her tenure. Battles were fought, but in true Rotary fashion, the winning team prevailed with a good oldfashioned dirty joke. Before the shenanigans took place, we were all able to honor our best and brightest — reigning ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR VICTORIA MARSHALL… Congratulations! We were also treated to a cinematic feature starring our very own LARRY BURGESS in the role of a lifetime reminding us all why we work so hard for this unique community. But what does he know?

Holiday weeks are busy for the Rotary Club of Redlands! After recovering from the Demotion Party festivities at the lovely home of KEVIN and DREW CORREIA, JAN and MARVIN HUDSON boldly led our club’s efforts to “usher in” (pun very much intended) the 94th season of the Redlands Bowl Summer Concert Series. Meanwhile preparation was in full swing for Mr. 4th of July himself, BILL MCCALMON, to pull off Redlands’ best Independence Day spectacular yet! Some among us didn’t make it to the University, however, preferring the manicured lawn of the Redlands Country Club instead… Looking at you, JOHN PATTERSON.

Invoice (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)
Annual Dues…….$300.00….….$309.00 (with Visa/MC)
Meeting Fees….…$600.00….…$618.00 (with Visa/MC)
Total..……$900.00….…$927.00 (with Visa/MC)
Dues and fees are payable annually on July 1, semi-annually ($450.00/463.50*) on July 1 and January 1 or quarterly ($225/231.75*) on July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1. *with Visa/MC

Please make checks payable to Rotary Club of Redlands and submit to Treasurer Cal Boothby or mail to the above address. Dues may be paid by MasterCard or Visa. A 3% bank service charge is added.

I expect the plate spinning to be truly excessive the first meeting of my presidency, therefore I will be taking this opportunity to give you my goals for this year in writing. First and foremost, we are here to have fun, enjoy our fellowship and learn from each other. It is my hope that we will have some very interesting programs that will make you want to come to the meetings and stay. This first month we have a judge, law enforcement, and a university president. Each one of them leaders, and they will provide some very interesting insight into their profession and its impact on our community.

The second point I want to bring up is that I am very grateful and humbled to be your president for the balance of 2017 and into 2018. As I will mention over the plate spinning, the Redlands Rotary is a fantastic club. It is almost 100 years old (est 1920) and is a testament to the members of the Redlands community. You have made this club what it is today and I will do my best to meet your expectations. If there are issues you would like to bring up or suggestions for me or the club, please feel free to talk to me, email me, or call me on the phone. I will do whatever I can do address your needs.

Finally, my general motto for this year is “People of Action.” Each one of us joined Rotary to provide “Service Above Self.” As you will see, there are many club individuals involved in each of the activities we do. Search within yourself for your passion for “Service” and fill out the form that we hand out at our first meeting. I will personally provide copies of the form to each of my Directors. I will ask them to contact you and make sure you are involved in your service area. Together our club will continue to exemplify the phrase “People of Action.”

Jacqui Lanier, Editor – #1 July 6, 2017

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