Spoke Newsletter – 07/02/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 07/02/2015

The final sendoff for President JIM NOLIN. This included satire, ridicule, skits of questionable dramaturgy, and some actual kind remarks on his commitment to leadership and to the work of president, all accomplished with humor, grace, and fining.

The farewell party chaired by JIM PINDER took place at the “Atomic Ranch” home of incoming despot NATHAN GONZALES. There, the out going Prexy en- joyed mingling with fellow club members and guests. All was forgiven, it was a love fest with his approval rating at 90% causing him to think of a possible re- election campaign or at least a putsch.

His excellency President NATHAN DANIEL GONZA- LES addresses us on the annual Rotary International Convention in Brazil.

You won’t want to Go Fly a Kite next week, as the Club will be treated with a preview of the Redlands Bowl’s musical production of Mary Poppins! It’s going to be absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… Some editorial comments about transition……

JIM came into the presidency with a severe family emergency. Immediately members reached out to him and his family. Even during the difficult weeks and months which ensued and which thankfully, provided a happy conclusion, JIM kept his balance and sense of humor. It will be remembered that it was risky to verbally joust with him, often one was left with the sleeves of your vest!

JIM’s year saw new members added and a number of achievements for the club in local projects and charitable support. He also made the meetings a pleasure to attend. Along with the committee chairs who supported him and member support, the results of all that work showed to the Club’s advantage.

As a past president, I am sure JIM confronted his fair share of crises and unsolicited advice. He bore them with grace and humor.

At the end of the day, we are the better for his service and ability. The Rotary Club of Redlands is better in our community, respected in the District, and has made its mark on international initiatives.

Thank you, Jim and best wishes! Incoming President NATHAN takes the reigns of a Club with a solid base. Still he will need all of our support to confront some realities; members continue to be added but the busy highway of life also takes them away. Some of our members are on sabbatical, while others have largely absented themselves from meet- ings. Sure, we need and appreciate their money but a club is not a bank, it is an association of people.
All of us need but look to very longtime members and past presidents, LEROY HANSBERGER and LARRY WORMSER to see true commitment and fidelity to Ro- tary’s purpose. Sure, they know Rotary is about con- nections and advancing one’s work, all in the admixture of service and charity. If you look at somebody on the past presidents list you will see some are still around town, but not in Rotary. Perhaps their firm stopped paying the expenses or they simply got all they could out of it. Not so our boys LEROY and LARRY. Decades of commitment and deeds, not just words, are what we need to use as our baseline of commitment.

When you see former members, invite them back; we are better for their presence at our table. And when President NATHAN asks you to help the club, make his year just that much better by saying, “Yes.”

President’s Preposterous Prose…
“Rotary’s supreme purpose is to serve; never [has] service [been] more appropriate than on the present occasion. How and where we shall serve remains for you to determine. May wisdom characterize your deliberations! “Individual effort when well directed can accomplish much, but the greatest good must necessarily come from the combined efforts of many men. Individual effort may be turned to individual needs, but combined effort should be dedicated to the service of mankind. The power of combined effort knows no limitation. This superlative power no man may appropriate to his own use. This is the world’s sub‐conscious conclusion. We must clearly understand the justice of it and measure up to its requirements.”

The words of the founder of Rotary are as true today as they were when they were delivered at the Rotary Convention mere days before the entry of the United States into the Great War. One of the enduring legacies that Rotary has highlighted throughout the world is how, together, we can accomplish amazing things for the benefit of people everywhere. Together, “service above self” is more meaningful. Together, differences fade away because of our commitment to common purpose. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Only together can we make positive, enduring change throughout our world.

Over the course of the last 95 years, the ROTARY CLUB OF REDLANDS has demonstrated our commitment to upholding the ideals of Rotary, effecting positive change while enjoying fellowship. Circumstance has placed us in a unique position to facilitate the greater good in everything. Together, we can build upon our legacy during the coming year, and continue to serve, to build new and reinforce existing relationships, and truly “be a gift to the world.”

Editor: Larry E. Burgess July 2, 2015 No. 1

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