Spoke Newsletter – 07/26/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 07/26/2018


We learned from dedicated humanitarian CYNTHIA MCGUIAN about one of our local nonprofit organizations, Steps 4 Life. Steps 4 Life is helping our community tackle its issues with homelessness by empowering individuals and families to receive the necessary training, education and life-skills that will allow them to re-enter society as positive individuals in our communities. You can join Steps 4 Life at their second annual Blooming Miracles Dinner this Saturday, July 28th, at 5pm at the Burrage Mansion.


This week, PAST PREZ NATHAN GONZALES will be giving us all a preview of the brand-new Abraham Lincoln exhibit their team has been working tirelessly on at the Lincoln Shrine. Following lunch, we will be walking across the street to see the incredible animatronic Lincoln that will officially open tonight. The Club will sponsor the $5 cost of admission for members today, but please feel free to leave $5 or more in Lincoln’s hat in order to avoid depleting the Club’s treasury and making more work for CAL!


Next Thursday, when our Program Chair NEAL WANER is back in town (did he obtain a travel pass, I wonder?), he will continue his tenure with another wonderful, informative, surprising program. Stay tuned!


This month seems a little less “Spotted About Town” and a little more “Spotted Out Of Town,” doesn’t it? You might want to ask PREZ JOE HORZEN about his local “camping” trip that evidently ended in a family member’s pool. Also, be sure to check in with JOHN PATTERSON (if he isn’t at the beach) about his out-of-town guests last week – it’s a story worth hearing!


This afternoon at 2:30pm, the Hansberger family would love to see you at the memorial service for LEROY HANSBERGER at the Redlands Country Club. Our whole community sorely feels the loss of LEROY, so toast his memory and share your memories and condolences with friends and family.

Don’t miss this week’s offerings at the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. Tonight is opening night for WAYNE SCOTT’s latest production, Beauty and the Beast. The cast is fantastic, the sets are gorgeous, and it’s down to a chilly 95o by the time it’s showtime! If you can’t make tonight, the show will be playing tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday! Then on Tuesday, July 31st, we’ll be dancing in the aisles to Brass Transit, one of the most successful Chicago tribute bands around!


As July comes to an end, our club is off to a fantastic start. We have already added two new members in KATHI JENSEN and VALERIE ADLER who have jumped in whole heartedly. As many of you know one of our District Governor’s goals for the clubs in the district is a net 5% growth in membership. This puts us well on our way to achieving that goal!

I also want to remind everyone of our club’s board this year, your Board of Directors and Officers for this year: MARK HEIDEMAN for Community Service, SANDI BENTLEY for Membership, JOHN TINCHER for Club Administration, BEVERLY NOERR, Fundraising, MIKE BOSMAN for Youth Services, STEVE DAVIS for International Service, VICTORIA MARSHALL as President Elect, AJ BEECHKO as Immediate Past President, CAL BOOTHBY, as Treasurer, and RALPH FELLER as Secretary. We are lucky to have folks with the skills these Rotarians have, much less be lucky enough to have them as part of our board! I can’t imagine going into this year with a better team to accomplish everything our club is capable of!

Editor—Jacqui Lanier — Edition No. 4, July 26, 2018

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