Spoke Newsletter – 07/25/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 07/25/2019


San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor, Dawn Rowe, will present the program today. She was appointed to the Board of Supervisors in December 2018 after years working with local governments, first as a private citizen, then as an elected official, including service as Mayor of Yucca Valley. Please welcome her on her return visit to our Club.


Steve Simons of Legendary Productions and four of his talented performers favored RCOR members with musical and dance numbers, including tap dancing, that will be seen at this year’s Redlands Bowl Broadway musical, “Singin’ in the Rain.” Performances began this week with dress rehearsal last Tuesday the 23rd and will continue tonight through Sunday, July 25th through the 28th. Steve indicated that the Bowl performances will have elements and musical numbers from both the Broadway play and the movie version which were different, one from the other. Simon also reminded us that “The Bowl stands for something.” He cited the long-time “Bowl culture” of community outreach, performances at Micah House and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, and promotion of all things musical to the community as critical components in passing an appreciation for live performance to this community, and especially to the next generation. We at RCOR and other East Valley residents know that Redlands Bowl Performing Arts are very worthy of our support, and, like Steve Simon said, “what happens here doesn’t happen anywhere else.”


Ryan King is the Director of Edification and Philanthropy for Edify, a San Diego-based international education organization dedicated to raising up the impoverished (www.edify.org). The published topic is “Education I never knew existed and how education is being transformed across the world in poor communities.”


Tom Rogers July 3
Jim Woolar July 6
Mike Bosman July 9
Darwin Barnett July 12
Larry Burgess July 18
Val Adler July 19
Brina Limon July 19
John Tincher July 22
Jacqui Lanier July 28
Jim Holmes July 29
Kathy Johnson July 6
Mark Heideman July 8
Beverly Noerr July 9
Victoria Marshall July 15
Lori Rhodes July 18
Marvin Hudson July 19
Roger Stafford July 19
Joseph Kibler July 25
Jon Scharer July 28
Ed Morrison July 29


Plaudits to and appreciation for Past President SHIRLEY HARRY for earning her 7+ Paul Harris Fellow recognition. SHIRLEY joined this Club in the first year women were “officially” welcomed as full members of Rotary USA, and she’s been a bright Rotary star ever since. The Paul Harris Fellow designation is awarded made to any person who donates $1,000.00 to the Rotary International Foundation, either with a single donation or incrementally over time.


It doesn’t hurt to publish a gentle reminder from time to time that Club members need to demonstrate respect for the time and effort that goes into presenting a program of general interest each week. Our Program Committee searches for and schedules people from near and far to come to our meeting and, without compensation, give us an hour-and-a-half of their time away from other obligations in order to entertain and enlighten us for 30 minutes. You can imagine what they think when, as they are being introduced at 1 o’clock, five to fifteen Rotarians rise and exit the room. In a perfect world, members would schedule their obligations to participate in the entire meeting from noonish to 1:30. Knowing we are not always able to clear our respective calendars, it has been a tradition in RCOR to go to the head table sometime prior to the second song, introduce yourself to the program presenters, thank them for coming, and apologize that you won’t be able to stay for their program due to conflicting obligations.


1. In an historic moment last week, Steve Simon became the first non-Rotarian program presenter to recognize the absent WAYNE SCOTT for $100.00 because he missed Simon’s presentation.
2. Dues redux. Do you know your dues are due? You do? Do your dues right away, so the Club has some operations funds and we can do what we do. We can’t do without dues! Do see CAL BOOTHBY if you have any questions.
3. “Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the swimming pool at the YMCA, so I gave him a bottle of water.” – CAL BOOTHBY
4. “Thanks a bunch.” – DARWIN BARNETT


In 1978, Cincinnati Reds player Pete Rose, aka “Charlie Hustle,” sets a National League record, hitting successfully in 38 consecutive games. He is still the all-time Major League Baseball leader in hits (4,256), games played (3,562), at-bats (14,053), singles (3,215), and outs (10,328). However, in 1989, he was ruled permanently ineligible for election to Baseball’s Hall of Fame due to allegations, later admitted by Rose, that he wagered bet on baseball games and other sporting events, including games played by his own team.


As I enter my third week of the presidency, I am grateful for all the support that has been received an I appreciate all the good sports as I COLLECT during recognitions. Last week we enjoyed watching a snip of the “SINGING IN THE RAIN” musical that will be performed Thursday, July 25th – Sunday, July 28th. This is a family-friendly event that the whole family can enjoy during the 96th year of the Redlands Music Festival. It’s been a HOT week out there, stay cool, stay hydrated and get out and watch Singing in the Rain as it will actually Rain on Stage!

Editor – Jim Nolin – Edition No. 3, July 25, 2019

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