Spoke Newsletter – 07/11/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 07/11/2019


Hear ye, hear ye! The reign of Queen VICTORIA the First of Redlands officially begins today as Her Highness inaugurates the 100th Anniversary Year of Rotary Club of Redlands. Her Majesty will talk about Her experiences at the Rotary International Convention and chart the course She plans to sail with this club during Her reign through June 2020.


Past Prez JOE HORZEN was demoted in the style of a Greek tragedy as the Club reviewed his contribution to his oldest daughter’s “Career Day.” Introduced by narrator WAYNE SCOTT, Ms. Swetlick (SHIRLEY HARRY), Joe’s second grade teacher, first introduced the exciting and dynamic Jet Pilot Bernie O’Prey who’s offscript commentary threatened to throw off the time and timing of this tightly-written vignette, but the rest of the cast recovered quickly as Joe (PAT MEYER) took the podium to explain why being a CPA was perhaps the most thrilling career choice any marginal student might aspire to. Beginning with a couple of bad, sad jokes, Joe/Pat then began to weave a tale of lifelong mediocrity, including parsimony, drunkenness, tax-evasion, slum-lording, and lousy golfing, ending with the failed presidency of RCOR year 2018-2019. Class members included BETTY AUTON-BECK, CAL BOOTHBY, AJ BEECHKO, VICTORIA MARSHALL, JOHN TINCHER, MIKE BOSMAN, and JIM NOLIN. Special acclaim is due the uncredited “wadded wet towel throwers” JIM ZIEMER and DAVID GAUTHIER.


Is there a better way to spend a summer in Redlands than by “Singin’ in the Rain”? This classic musical will be presented at the Redland Bowl on July 23rd and July 25th through 28th. However, we at RCOR are privileged to get a sneak preview at our meeting next week.


Many thanks to the Rotarians and Rotary Groupies who navigated the shifting responsibilities of getting people in and out of Ted Runner Stadium for the 4th of July Spectacular Fireworks Extravaganza. Despite muddied instructions and confused “leadership,” we managed to get everyone in and out with no major injuries or incidents. Stepping up to the challenge were PAT MEYER, ALLAN GRIESEMER, SAM EDISON, JOHN TINCHER, JAN SHERMAN, ROB CLIZBE, STEVE DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER WALKER, DON and SUSAN MCCUE, and JIM NOLIN and LINDA SLADE.


Jim Belote 6/1
Doug McAdam 6/2
Betty Auton-Beck 6/13
Michelle Wang 6/20
Jerry “Ace” Mihld 6/22
Jim Ziemer 6/24
Pat Meyer 6/25


There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that DICK ROMO does not recite the Pledge of Allegiance at our meetings because he is unpatriotic or protesting national wrongdoings. Truth is, he just doesn’t know the words. There have been some rumblings concerning a RCORsponsored San Diego Casino one-day bus turnaround as a FUN-draiser sometime next year. Truth is, the timeframe is September or October of THIS. Talk to BARBARA O’KEEFE if you’d like to know more.

In 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr mortally wounded former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton during a pistol duel in Weehawken, New Jersey. (Hamilton died the next day. Federalists declared “there has never, ever been a more negative political climate in American history, and we can’t wait to pay $750.00 a seat to see the musical.”)


Welcome to our 100th year as the Rotary Club of Redlands. This year’s global theme is “Rotary Connects the World.” I have plans to make sure Rotary Club of Redlands does our part, which will consist of more fundraising goals, socials, new members, new events, and fellowship. Our Board of Directors consists of veterans and new faces eager to step in and do what it takes to make an impact in our community. I encourage anyone that hasn’t been involved in our programs or events to step up and find what areas you’re passionate about and help be a part of the Rotary connection. I’m honored to lead you as President and to be surrounded by so many great Rotarians. Let’s make sure our club is ready for the next 100 years! It takes a village, so let’s make it happen together!

Editor – Jim Nolin – Edition No. 1, July 11, 2019

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