Spoke Newsletter – 07/05/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 07/05/2018


We were finally able to get some justice in our club as we bid adieu to EX PREZ AJ BEECHKO. Ex- ex-prez JAN HUDSON put together a crack team of legal experts to get to the bottom of how EX PREZ AJ executed his reign of terror. Prosecutor JIM NOLIN presented an airtight case to the honorable judge, PREZ JOE HORZEN, as well as the attentive (and sober) jury panel of JAN HUDSON, VICTORIA MARSHALL, BEVERLY NOERR, and KEVIN CORREIA. Defense attorney JENNIFER DANIELS fought valiantly for our ex prez, but to no avail… No comment on her legal prowess, to be sure — some things are simply indefensible. In the end, justice was served by bailiff JEFF FRAZIER, who appears to have traded in his fire duds for a law enforcement getup for this momentous occasion. Thanks to the hardworking (or hardly working?) sendoff committee, and extra thanks to our ex prez for delivering us safely into the hands of our new leader.

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We’ll all be waiting on pins and needles to see if JIM ZIEMER can defend his title as the finest plate spinner in the land during a presentation from newly minted PRESIDENT JOE HORZEN. While this editor is sure PREZ JOE will be delivering an informative and stirring call to action, she is more sure she won’t be hearing a word of it in light of the aforementioned plates.


Our new program chair, NEAL WANER, will be kicking off his tenure with a surprise program that’s sure to be a hit!


Don’t miss this week’s offerings at the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, presented by some familiar faces at Redlands Bowl Performing Arts (looking at you, BEVERLY NOERR). Tomorrow night, July 6th, keep the patriotic festivities going with some all- American tunes courtesy of the Navy Band Southwest. And the fun doesn’t stop there — the Bowl will also have a program on Saturday night this week with a Guatemalan Folkloric Ballet. And on Tuesday, July 10th, the Modern Gentlemen will be back by popular demand. This talented quartet has been singing backup for Frankie Valli for 12 years, and their act is a real crowd favorite!


A big thank you to those dedicated Rotarians who represented our club to provide some much-needed support during the University’s Independence Day festivities yesterday. Then there were those among us who prefer the cross town show at the Redlands Country Club (ahem, DAVE GAUTHIER, VICTORIA MARSHALL, JOHN PATERSON, and many more…), some of whom didn’t even need to leave the comfort of their homes to spot the pyrotechnics and post about it on Facebook (PAT MEYER).


After attending the Rotary International convention last week I can’t think of a better way to enter my year as President. While it is sometimes easy to get lost in our bubble of the local Rotary club, the convention reminds us of how truly immense Rotary can be and how what we do locally often has an impact internationally.

My passion lies in helping my local community and the stories shared at the convention from the speakers to fellow Rotarians reinvigorated me to be more active in how Rotary helps its local communities. There are a million ways Rotary allows us to get involved and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are fortunate enough to be in a club with a long history of doing so. I anticipate during my year that we will continue this rich tradition in the Rotary Club of Redlands and continue to push to find new ways to help our local community and leave it better than we found it in every instance possible.

Editor—Jacqui Lanier — Edition No. 1, July 05, 2018

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