Spoke Newsletter – 06/29/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 06/29/2017

We promised you a surprise, and we weren’t kidding!  Suffice to say, today’s program will require the flowing creative juices of every member present as we honor PREZ JAN for this Rotary year, so make sure bring your thinking caps… There might even be a prize involved.  Who knows? It’s a SURPRISE!

The Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, coordinated by the organization-formerly-known-as Redlands Community Music Association and now called Redlands Bowl Performing Arts, enters its 94th season thanks to BEV NOERR and VALERIE PEISTER who shared this year’s highlights with the Club. The season kicks off tomorrow, June 30 with “San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra: 76 Trombones and More!” And you thought one trombone was enough…

The doubtless-to-be-despotic reign of his imperial highness AJ BEECHKO officially begins next week.  What tales of intrigue will the coming year bring to the ROTARY CLUB OF REDLANDS?  A different verse of American Pie each week?
That should last nearly the entire duration of this presidency.

Hopefully you’ve already signed up JAN’s demotion gathering, tonight at 7pm . Party planner with the mostest JACQUI LANIER has put together festive food and drink at the home of KEVIN and DREW CORREIA, 515 Nottingham Drive.  If you haven’t made a reservation yet, if you’re really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really nice to CAL BOOTHBY he might be able to get you in.  Maybe.

If you’ve signed up to help out for the opening concert of the Bowl season, don’t forget IT’S TOMORROW! Be sure to meet at the designated time and place before the concert for section assignments – and wear your favorite item of Rotary apparel if you have one.

Because getting ready for the demotion party AND the opening Bowl concert isn’t enough for Rotarians, be sure to sign up to help the Redlands Fourth of July Committee celebrate Independence Day at Ted Runner Stadium next Tuesday, July 4! It is, without a doubt, the best fireworks production in the western hemisphere. See BILL MCCALMON to get your name on the list. After all, it’s your duty as an AMERICAN ROTARIAN.

Happy Thursday Rotarians! In this last week, and in my last Presidents Corner, it is my honor to recognize some more very special Rotarians for all the work they provided in support of making my year of Presidency just that much easier!

BEV NOERR, I so appreciate you and your committees’ hard work on getting us quality speakers! I think we had some of the best this year, and with all the follow-up and confirming of their presence does take a lot of time and energy. When we did have one “no-show” our Rotary Team stepped up and applied the old adage “The show must go on!”.
Treasurer CAL BOOTHBY, always willing to answer questions, meet when needed and give advice when asked (and maybe sometimes when not asked!). CAL, you really supported me this year and I truly appreciate you as our Treasurer and a true Rotarian. Thank you!
JOE HORZEN & MEGAN BARICH Embraced taking on our “Young Professionals” program, pulling together a community service project and a couple of “all club mixers” during this year. Thank you both so much for all your hard work!
Past President NATHAN Gonzales, I truly appreciate your being there when needed, subbing during my business travels, coaching, and reminding me to relax! Thanks again!!
JIM, you have been a terrific Assistant District Governor (ADG), I appreciate all your support including, writing of the play “script” for Coach Cooter and Granny Jan, subbing when needed, stepping on the board when we had an unexpected vacancy, etc. You are the best, JIM NOLIN!
There are some folks that just are natural Rotarians, born a Rotarian at heart you might say! JACQUI LANIER was one of the first Rotarians for me to install into Club. JACQUI has not only supported me on multiple levels as President but has truly jumped in with Red Wine and Brews, Touch a Truck and even planning my demotion party! JACQUI, thank you for all you do, you are a true Young Rotarian and you are a natural!
A special thank you to my husband, Past President Marvin Hudson, who has supported me this year with words of wisdom, pulling documents from his Rotary archives, hugs when needed and being my cheerleader! Thank you! Yours in Rotary, Jan Hudson

Nathan D. Gonzales, Editor – #50 June 29, 2017

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