Spoke Newsletter – 06/19/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 06/19/2014

Demotion Celebration for President Pinder

Craft Talks

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Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.59.43 AMWell, after 50 weeks, the reign of the Pinder/Ponder/Pander era is at an end. The Rotary year is marked by symbol and ritual around the world, and the demotion skit/party is one of those moments to savor. Under the direction and production capabilities of Wayne Scott, our hope is for today’s skit to do no harm and that no animals are harmed in the production. Please remember to lower your heads when the doves fly through the Masonic Lodge, please do compliment Chef Steve on the Dom Perignon he is serving at President Jim’s request and please, stay until the end, because that’s when President Jim jumps from the cake. Seriously, it has been another successful Rotary year, the 94th of our club’s existence. I know President Jim will thank and recognize many special people, but as Editor of the Spoke for June and a past President, I would like to be the first to thank Jim for his year of service to this club and wish him the very best next year as Immediate Past President and the newest District 5330 Assistant Governor!

On another note, Jan Hudsondoes ask for more of us to sign up to usher at the world famous Redlands Bowl for the opening concert on June 27. She needs more folks, and it’s a really great honor to be the ushers for the first concert of the season.

Chris Walker asked me to remind all of you that your support of the Rotary International Foundation means so much as we move toward June 30 and the end of the Rotary year. Please remember that the RI Foundation is the “Big” foundation, doing incredible work around the globe. It is separate and different than our local Rotary Club of Redlands Foundation, established specifically by our club to do good in our local community. As Foundation Chair, Reverend Lowell “the Godfather” (literally) Linden has asked all of us to do our part this year, so thank you in advance for your support of the RI Foundation.

The time has come for me to be a little bit sentimental about my year as President. Several things happened this year that will always stay in my memory:

1. Playing audio clips of Jim Ziemer as a DJ only to have him give me the green tights

2. Giving Pat Mayer a chick to replace the one that was eaten by a local predator

3. Being shocked by the column Jim Nolin wrote while I was laid up in the hospital after jaw surgery

4. Seeing the Club sing ‘Smile’ with their teeth clenched when my jaw was wired shut (thank you Jim Nolin)

5. Displaying a photo of John Patterson in a dress (couldn’t have done it without inside assistance)

6.Playing a part in a skit with Coach Cooter

I want to thank two individuals that mentored me as a President-Elect and helped keep me on track this year: Sean Lugo and Cal Boothby. The many times we ate breakfast together at gave me the steadiness to have a successful year.

Jack Burke doesn’t get much press in our Club. I want everyone to know he really came through with flying colors during the car raffle as we launched the new website. His technical savvy, persistence, and willingness to go the extra mile made the difference not only with the car raffle but now with potential members expressing interest in our Club.

My last ‘thank you’ is for Ron Jeffrey. He won Rotarian of the Year under Sean Lugo’s reign. And he deserved it. He still deserves it. The effort and resulting successes we’ve had in membership would not have happened without his vision and leadership.

June 19, 2014 – No 46 – Editor: Ray Watts

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