Spoke Newsletter – 06/18/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 06/18/2015

This Week
The Redlands Community Music Association will present a Broadway Sing-Along featuring Courtney Camp. Outreach Programming Manager Valerie Peister will present a few minutes about their community engagement activities and our own President Jim will give us an overview of the coming season.

Last Week
Rick Harrell enlightened us about the Eden Projects in severely deforested countries around our increasingly small and fragile blue marble. Mr. Harrell formerly worked in a nursery and for a time was a Pastor in Redlands. He currently serves as the International Director for the Eden Projects’ efforts in Haiti. Haiti had become 98% deforested over the years and to date they have planted 10 million trees in Haiti at a cost of 10 cents per tree. With their motto, “Plant Trees, Save Lives”, they are providing a handup, not a hand-out. Their efforts are about sustainability which means that the local people have to participate in the planting and maintenance of the newly forested areas. They begin their efforts by not only educating the adult population but also teaching the children through literature, coloring books and showing them what can be through before and after presentations. The results of their efforts are wells refilling, people returning to their towns and villages, and a general enrichment of the lives of the locals. They are doing similar work in Madagascar and Ethiopia. In Madagascar they have replanted deforested mangrove trees which, we were informed, are one of the best species for absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it to oxygen. The result of this work in Madagascar is a return of fish and wildlife to the planted areas. It is good to note that Esri has assisted them in mapping the before and after of some of their efforts, most recently in Ethiopia. Eden Projects has, at last count, planted almost 96 million trees and moving rapidly towards 100 million. In addition to providing jobs, their efforts are reducing flooding and erosion, providing habitats for native animals, replenishing the soil with vital nutrients and improving the lives of thousands of people.

Next Week
The time-honored tradition of demoting the President falls on June 25. Immediate Past-President Jim “Robin Hood” Pinder will no doubt deploy his green hat for the occasion for which he is responsible. Expect an enjoyable journey down memory lane as President Nolin is duly demoted. He will be treated with all of the respect he has earned this year. Then at 6PM join us at President-Elect Nathan Gonzales’ home for the demotion party. Recently returned from the Rotary International Convention in Brazil, expect to be impressed by Nathan’s newly-found Portuguese language skills. Rumor has it he learned one greeting. And that only happened because he kept passing the maid in the hotel hall on his way to meetings. Will Jim Nolin be baptized, as other demoted Presidents have? Will the humiliations of the Rotary meeting continue? Maybe someone can bring a spade so we can bury EGOR once and for all. Come join in the fun as we celebrate Jim Nolin’s accomplishments (those were few) and unfortunate blunders (those were many).

June 20th – Services for Steve Guggisberg at 11 AM at the Emmerson-Bartlett Memorial Chapel at Center & Brookside, Redlands. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Central Station Reserve Unit 116, 655 E. Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415 or to the charity of your choice. June 19th & 20th – Library Days “Americana”, @ Smiley Library and nearby venues.

June 25th – President Jim’s Demotion – reserve your spot for the Fabulous, Final, Farewell Fest celebrating the end of Jim’s year (as well as the retirement of EGOR) on Thursday, June 25th from 6 to 8 PM at Nathan Gonzales’ residence at 649 Los Altos in Redlands. $30 per person. June 27th – “Let’s Go Fishing”, Redlands Community Picnic & Fishing Derby – an old-fashioned Fishing Derby in the recently refurbished Ford Park ponds (by both our club and Redlands Sunrise Rotary) and sponsored both clubs, the City of Redlands and Maupin Financial Services.

The great Tom Lehrer once said “Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.” Rotary is a lot like a sewer for the very same reason. As my year comes to a close, I wanted to offer my personal opinions on how to get the most out of Rotary.

1 Come to the meetings. We miss you when you’re not here.

2 Stay for the programs. Presenters expend a lot of time and energy to meet with us, and even the worst programs contain something of value. The many great programs are self-evident.

3 Recognize the power of the individual Club and the individual Rotarian to effect positive change. Arch Kumph started the RI Foundation in 1920 with $26.50. It’s now a multi-million dollar fund. The eradication of polio began with one Club in the Philippines only 30 years ago. Today, we’re this close to wiping it from the face of the earth.

4 Support our foundations, both Rotary International and Redlands Rotary Club Foundation. Many of your fellow Redlands Rotarians have contributed to both foundations in amounts large and small over the years and their generosity allows us to fund our scholarships and community service projects to benefit our neighbors and neighborhoods near and far.

5 Expand your horizons a little. Join a Rotary Fellowship or join a Rotary professional group.

6 Participate in the District Assemblies, District Conferences, and Rotary Leadership Institute. Admittedly, not every event, session, or class is spell-binding, but you will learn a great deal and become more valuable to our Club.

7 Respect and be ever mindful of the six Areas of Focus as guidelines for service opportunities:
a Foster peace and conflict prevention and resolution
b Advance disease prevention and treatment
c Support clean water and proper sanitation
d Promote maternal and child health
e Encourage basic education and literacy
f Assist economic and community development

8 Take advantage of the online resources of the Club, District, and Rotary International. Take a few minutes every so often at least to browse these web sites for information, assistance, and encouragement:
www.redlandsrotary.org, www.rotary.org,
www.rotary5330.net, www.scnrli.org, www.rlifiles.com,

I’d be grateful if even a few of you took these to heart. In any event, I only have one more meeting to sermonize in this newsletter so we’ll all be off the hook.

Editor – Lew Nelson – No. 47 – 6/18/2015

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