Spoke Newsletter – 06/16/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 06/16/2016

This Week’s Program
MARIA CARILLO, who is the associate archivist at the A.K. Smiley Public Library, will enlighten us as to the various roles that Redlands women served during World War II. The presentation will inform us of the important contribution that the women of Redlands made in the war effort. Maria is the co-author of “Images of America: Early Redlands”. This publication explores Redlands through the lens of the professional photographers who lived and worked here between 1880 and 1920. Hopefully Maria will also enlighten us as to perils of working with Nathan – JAN HUDSON is sure to be taking notes in order to recognize Nathan during the upcoming year.

Last Week’s Program
It was a pleasure to have JASON RILEY educate us as to the history of J. Riley Distillery and the production process he goes through that results in his whiskey. He noted that he utilizes special products, such as blue corn, that results in his distinctive whiskey. He explained the difference between whiskey and bourbon (PAT MEYER already knew the difference) as well the importance of unfiltered purified water. The free samples after the presentation were quickly enjoyed by those who didn’t need to go back to work and by a few who did.

Next Week’s Program
We will welcome DIANNA LAWSON, who is the Executive Director of Mansion Memories, as she presents a program of assistance focused on families in need. The backdrop for Mansion Memories activities is the Burrage Mansion. Mansion Memories works with the entire family and provides a unique opportunity for family members to enjoy a special evening at the Burrage Mansion. The fact that she previously worked with our own
DAVE WILSON at Micah House has undoubtedly helped the program to achieve the success it is enjoying.

All The News That Is Worth Printing
Two weeks remain in year of our esteemed President Nathan’ regime as lord and semi-master. With that in mind, we all need to mark our calendar’s for Thursday June 30th as the day we formally through the baby out with the bath water. As a reminder, VICTORIA MARSHALL’s residence will be the location for this year’s Demotion Party. More information will be forthcoming.

A big thank you to JIM NOLIN and JEFF FRAZIER for all their effort in connection with the extremely successful Touch a Truck event held last Saturday. Additionally, those Rotarians who volunteered their time and/or financial resources are to be thanked as well. The extremely successful event allows families to come out and experience an enjoyable family event without having to take out a loan.

Only in our club could STAN and ELLEN WEISSER’s fiftieth wedding anniversary be considered a wedding
anniversary for newlyweds. RON and JOYCE JEFFREY recently celebrated fifty-two years of marital bliss. Our congratulations to Ron and especially to Joyce for putting up with Ron.

The recognitions for various Rotarians keep coming fast and furious. Jim Pinder was recently recognized as Teacher of the Year at the Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy. WAYNE SCOTT recently completed twenty three years with Light House Productions and has brought quality theater to our community. LYNDA SCHAUF, LYNN WHITMER and A.J. BEECHKO (salmon sport coat and all) helped raise over $33,000 for the Redlands Symphony at the recent Dancing with the Stars event.

Final thought for the day – BILL MCCALMON, committee chair for the Redlands 4th of July Committee, is once again
seeking volunteers to help make the July 4th celebration one of the many events that makes Redlands a special place. Also see Bill for posters to advertise the event at your place of business. Bill has headed up the celebration for many years and each year gets better than the year before. Thanks Bill.

Two days in a row, two GREAT Rotary events! Friday night, we had a great time pouring Ritual Brewing Company beer at Surfin’ State Street. I think we sold some 300 beers in three hours – not a bad way to make a little money for the Club! Ritual donated most of the beer to us, so please be sure to consume their lovely products and support them as they supported us. Some of the beer was even consumed by non-Rotarians!

Editor – Doug McAdam – No. 48 – June 16, 2016

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