Spoke Newsletter – 06/12/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 06/12/2014

Clare Van Loon, ChildHelp USA and past Rotary International scholar.

Demotion Program

Nashville to New Orleans LARRY, DON and NATHAN Last week was one of those moments you just have to love being a member of this club. The incredible camaraderie, the “Thanksgiving in June” lunch…it was all just really wonderful. It is truly an honor and privilege to be a member of the Rotary Club of Redlands.

The program from LARRY, DON and NATHAN and their colleague Maria Carrillo was–as always from that incredible group–fantastic. The lucky members of the club who were part of the trip got to experience this first hand, but for those of us who weren’t able to make it, the comments and the photos truly helped bring this trip to life.

It’s incredible to think that through the South, debate still rages over the real consequences (and outcomes) of the Civil War. It is incredible to travel through this region and feel the conspicuous presence of the past still found through the artifacts and the people…

As a diabetic, I am concerned about CHRIS WALKER and the photo of his near-death experience involving chicken and waffles. I also liked the photo of RON and JOYCE JEFFERY–what a nice shot in front of USA Cairo, the iron clad warship dredged out of the river.

I thought NATHAN said it perfectly, to understand history, you need to be there to see and feel the space. Thanks to all of you for a great program and a memorable meeting.

As my Presidential year began in 2013, there were three meetings I spent the most time pondering: the first, the District Governor’s visit, and the final meeting. June 19 (next week) is essentially the final meeting procedurally as I am to be roasted and demoted. It is also the meeting where I can acknowledge several Rotarians that made significant impacts on our Club/community and helped me have a good year. It was a surprise and honor when Past-President ALLAN GRIESEMER named me one of three Rotarians of the Year in 2010. The plaque hangs on my office wall and the event is duly noted on my CV. It will be an honor to do the same on the 19th, honoring Rotarians that exemplify what it means to live ‘Service Above Self’.

Welcome back to President-Elect JIM NOLIN. What did he accomplish in Sydney at the Rotary International Convention? That will be left for him to describe at his first meeting as President in July. Gaining a cultural education was on his agenda, however.

Who/what is he feeding in this photo? According to JIM, “I’m feeding him the standard diet: Purina Wallaby Chow and the top three epidermal layers from my hand.”

June 12, 2014 – No 45 – Editor: Ray Watts
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