Spoke Newsletter – 06/05/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 06/05/2014

Last Week
Special thanks to Tom and Julie Cutler for a lovely Rotary gathering at the Cutler Group

This Week
“The Civil War along the Mississippi 150 years later: What Rotarians Saw.”

Larry Burgess, Maria Carillo, Nathan Gonzales, and Don McCue.

Next Week
Clare Van Loon, ChildHelp USA and past Rotary International scholar.

June 19
Demotion Day for President Jim
Not sure about any of you, but I have been busy following President-Elect Jim’s adventures down under at the Rotary International Convention on Facebook. It’s possible I dreamed it, but I am relatively sure I saw a clip where he was bitten by a kangaroo. As Past President of this esteemed organization, I think this is excellent training for him to manage the club in 14-15… In all seriousness, if you haven’t been to the RI convention, you need to make it happen. It’s an incredible experience for sure, one I will never forget.

It is very hard to believe the reign of terror known as the Pinder/Ponder/Pander era is about to come to an end. Jim is about to experience the highlight of any Rotarian’s life, the beautiful rhythm and rhyme of the three finest words in the Rotary dictionary…Immediate…Past…President. The always wonderful Demotion Party will be held on Thursday, June 19 at 6pm at the home of Pat and Anne Marie Meyer. Please stay tuned for more information on cost and logistics…

Special recognition needs to be paid ($$$$) to Zack Tucker and to Wayne Scott for Sophia Tucker’s very charming role in Heidi that closed this weekend. Also, hats off to Zach for being a good Dad and volunteering at Lifehouse several times over the run of the show! I do hope all the Rotarians on the trip with Larry, Don and Nathan brought their wallets today…these stories could get expen$ive…Rotary, where good deeds get punished!

The first service project in which I participated back in 2007 was the Fourth of July Celebration at University of Redlands Ted Runner Stadium. It was hot, bustling, and worth every minute! If you haven’t volunteered at this event, sign up with Bill McCalmon later this month. You get to serve the community and enjoy the fireworks show. Two years ago I responded to a call for volunteers from Bob Hodges to award scholarships at local schools. I chose Clement Middle School. Each time I attend I tried something new.
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.52.24 AM
I started by stating, “At Rotary Club of Redlands, our motto is Service Above Self. And who do we serve? Tonight we serve the students of the best middle school in the District……Clement!” The crowd roared. How exhilarating! Then I announced, “The amount of money we are awarding for each scholarship is approximately 0.2189 bitcoin. And for the sake of the parents, that is about $125. Parents, ask your kids about bitcoin when you get home.” Either the students didn’t know about bitcoin or they couldn’t compute the exchange rate fast enough. The joke fell flat. In case you’re wondering, bitcoin is an online crypto currency that is mined by computers solving ever increasingly-difficult algorithms. It is unregulated by any government and its value fluctuates wildly. Joseph Kibler and Megan Barich, please fill in the blanks for the Rotarians that have questions.

As we wrap up the year of the green hat, get out of your comfort zone and try something new. I have yet to regret it.

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