Spoke Newsletter – 06/01/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 06/01/2017

We welcome our own DARWIN BARNETT, Chief Executive Officer YMCA OF THE EAST VALLEY, who will speak about the importance of water safety and a new program at the Y. “As a parent or caregiver, you can equip children with the tools they need to be confident in and around water so they don’t lose out on the health benefits of exercise, the opportunities to bond with family and friends, and the sense of pride when they learn new skills.”

ANTHONY ORTEGA, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, for those unfamiliar with the incredible world of acronyms…), spoke to the club about the history of our longtime neighbor Patton State Hospital. Opened in 1893 (when Redlands was only 5 years old as an incorporated city), Patton’s original name was Southern California State Asylum for the Insane and Inebriates – a potential early meeting place for Rotary make up meetings? State hospitals were “convenient places for the inconvenient in society.” If you’ve heard of a treatment used in the last 150 years, they’ve tried it at Patton at some point, including hydrotherapy, shock therapy, lobotomy, and Thorazine. Today, the Patton State Hospital Museum documents and exhibits the interesting and colorful history of our walled neighbor to the north. Field trip, anyone?

STEVE WILSON, a Rotarian for thirty-five years and a member of the Rotary Club of Indian Wells, will travel from the heat of the Coachella Valley to the cool of the East San Bernardino Valley to share a program about “Growing Rotary Membership through Impactful First Impressions.” In addition to his service to Rotary, STEVE is a certified Health and Lifestyle coach.

That time of year to which we all look forward for every presidency is almost upon us – DEMOTION!!! Mark your calendars now for the official party the evening of THURSDAY, JUNE 29 at the home of DREW and KEVIN CORREIA

Congratulations to SHIRLEY HARRY, LYNN WHTIMER, TOM CUTLER, JERRY BEAN, and LYNDA SCHAUF for a successful Redlands Festival of Arts weekend – although one of those five was off gallivanting across the globe… Can you guess who? It seemed appropriate that the beer garden was sponsored by MAUPIN Financial Advisors, and the wine by The CUTLER Group!! Rumor has it that presidentelect AJ BEECHKO did his best to drain the keg on Sunday afternoon…

And speaking of gallivanting, be sure to inquire of LARRY BURGESS and CHRIS WALKER where they’ve been when they magically reappear in June…

Happy Thursday Rotarians! During this last month of my tenure, I would like to recognize some very special Rotarians for all the work they provided in support of making my year of Presidency just that much easier!

Thank you to BETTY BECK for arranging our Spoke Editors this year and always being ahead of the game in reminding them of their upcoming commitment to keeping our lines of communication open via the Spoke. Even while traveling the world, she always made it happen!
Always good with a story, BRINA LIMON deserves so much gratitude for finding just the right book to complement each of our speakers and their presentations. She took the time to print bookplates and frame them as a nice thank-you gift for each speaker, and her work is so appreciated.
Where would I be without my tech support from JIM ZIEMER? Even with my year drawing to a close, I still need JIM’S help figuring out how to use the projector! Thank you, JIM, for all that you do in preparation for each meeting and making sure we are up and running each week!
Thank you, LARRY WORMSER, for keeping us on track with our “Recognitions” – the ever-important role of making sure we are tracking and collecting funds! LARRY, you are the best and we appreciate you!!

We all know it takes a village to make things happen, and these are truly some of Rotary’s unsung heroes. Stay tuned for next week! Jan Hudson

Nathan D. Gonzales, Editor – #46, June 1, 2017

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