Spoke Newsletter – 06/21/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 06/21/2018


Our own BEVERLY NOERR, Executive Director of the Redlands Community Music Association provided us with a glimpse of what promises to be excellent Bowl Season. She expressed appreciation to several Rotarians who made extra efforts to support individual concerts: DARWIN BARNETT and the YMCA, JERRY BEAN, LARRY AND CHAR BURGESS, AND DAVID AND ROBIN MAUPIN. Thanks to all these Rotarians, as well as other Bowl supporters from our Club, for sponsoring individual programs which might otherwise not be available to us during the season. We are about to start the 95th season of the Redlands bowl. Clari cation came to those who think the concerts are mysteriously paid for by gifts from heaven when BEV pointed out that each concert cost from $5,000-$50,000 to produce. This announcement made it clear that all gifts of whatever size are greatly appreciated. She then turned the program over to our own WAYNE SCOTT who introduced us to several cast members of his upcoming production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. They performed several musical interludes from this production which will be held at the Bowl July 26-29. Additionally, a public dress rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, July 24 at 8 PM.


Board Member SANDI BENTLEY will ll us in on new member recruitment and retention of existing members. SANDI has done a tremendous job of recruiting new members this year including many whom she has personally introduced to Rotary.


A mysterious meeting awaits the exit of demoted CZAR, AJ. At this juncture it is too early to let everyone know exactly how this will happen. It should be noted, however, that AJ will never be the same following this meeting. JAN HUDSON and her illustrious committee are working hard to be certain that this is a meeting not to be forgotten for a long time!


In an attempt to bring his reign of terror to a stronger scal conclusion, AJ gave costly recognition to the Normandy group which includes among others: DON MCCUE, DAVE MAUPIN, RON JEFFERIES, AND PAT MEYER. And, several others will be making the trip but conveniently missed this funding session. There day will come. JOE HORZEN showed us how ready he is to take the gavel for the Club by being unable to name the incoming Rotary International President, the country from which he is coming as well as the Rotary theme for the upcoming year. If consistency is indeed a virtue our incoming president is extremely virtuous!


Don’t forget that it is our custom to usher at the rst Redlands Bowl Concert. This means that our ushering responsibility is at tomorrow’s Viva Italia Redlands Symphony Orchestra Concert. Please plan to join us at the Bowl at approximately 7:15P.M.


What a Wonderful Sendoff








I would like to extend a huge, I mean really huge, thank you to JAN HUDSON, JEFF FRAZIER and the planning committee for the unbelievable sendoff they put together last Friday evening. The food was fantastic, we had a live band, and plenty to drink. Of course, I also need to thank JAN’S husband MARVIN for his support, and JEFF’S wife, PAULA for her uncanny ability to make sure glasses were full for all her guests. The FRAZIER’S turned their beautiful home to a Rotary house for a night. Thank you all for putting this together for ANDREA and me.

Of course, I must apologize for my singing, as JAN talked me into performing a special song (along with the band). That would be the full rendition of “American Pie.” It seemedlikeacleverideawhenitstarted,butabouthalfway through it, my pitch went way off. But in the end, it all turned out well when “Chief FRAZIER” offered very large shot of a special, limited edition, Jack Daniels. From that point on, I was not embarrassed.

As the evening wore down, some of us sat around and spoke of the past and future plans. I thought about how much I learned this year. I’ve learned it is hard to fail when you have a board, of cers, and leadership backing you up each day. I learned that motivation comes from our members. I learned that there will be con ict, but that decisions during times of con ict must be made carefully (and the decision is not always right). I learned that you should never take yourself too seriously, as vanity is obvious to those around you. I learned that sometimes listening is exactly what is needed. I learned to understand criticism and to embrace those who offer alternative solutions. I learned how precious life is, as we lost so many loved ones, and almost young man whose life is just starting. I learned limitations, as we do so many things well, but we can’t do everything. I learned that there is much more to do, and our incoming president, JOE HORZEN, is the right person to take the gavel.

Editor—John Tincher—Edition No. 50, June 21, 2018

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