Spoke Newsletter – 06/07/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 06/07/2018


SCOTT WELSH representing the Redlands Chamber of Commerce and their “shop locally” initiative helped us understand why it’s important to shop local businesses. He emphasized the campaign by stressing the various bene ts which come to our area from the following types of purchases: 1) Buy on line, for example from Amazon, we receive $1 for every $100 spent, 2) Buy at Big Box stores like Target and we get $16 for every $100 spent or 3) Buy locally at a store on State St., for instance, and the local economy gets $48 for every $100 spent. Thus, patronizing local stores bene ts our community the most. This editor is told that LYNDA SCHAUF can answer any questions which might arise as a result of SCOTT’S presentation.


Today’sprogramisnottobemissed.JOHNBULINSKI,Cal Trans District 8 Director will be bringing us up to date on road work in the area. Being present will ensure you the ability to know which roads you will want to avoid in the near future!


Our own BEV NOERR, Executive Director of the Redlands Community Music Association will present a program outlining the excellent Bowl Season which soon will be here. With an exciting summer season just around the corner, you‘ll want to see and hear this program.


Remember, this Saturday, June 9 is one of our most import- ant events of the year–Touch a Truck. Check with JIM NO- LIN or JEFF FRAZIER to see how you can help, if you haven’t already done so. Apparently, CHRIS WALKER just last week demonstrated the kind of help we don’t need as he entered his second childhood and was ned for sitting in the driver’s seat of the dump truck parked at our booth at the Air Show. Can anyone guess how many children CHRIS had to push away so he could occupy that seat?


Yes, it’s nally that time of year when we get to rid our- selves of the old (AJ) and bring in the new (JOE). To get the festivities rolling, a grand party has been scheduled (a little earlier than normal) for Friday, June 15 at the home of JEFF AND PAULA FRAZIER, 733 Buena Vista St. Hopefully, all members and their signi cant others will make an effort to be present for their nal social opportunity to say good things or nasty things for a great Rotary year under AJ’s dic- tatorship. There will be more to come regarding the grand ROAST which will occur at our regular meeting on June 28.


Word is out that LEROY is currently involved in a rehab program at Plymouth Village. Although he’s doing quite well, he would enjoy a little social interaction. So, let’s all make the effort to get over to see him (not at the same time though!).


A Wonderful Year of Events

A lot happened during my term. If anyone remembers, the theme I initially focused on was “People of Action.” My rst presentation was a call for all members to become involved. What I learned is that our club has focus and we know where we are going. Even I couldn’t screw this up. As your president, I was given the opportunity to experience all the things that our club accomplished each year. I am amazed at the activities that we undertake and complete.

You all know this, but I just need to reiterate our accomplishments. Every month we read to elementary school students, we present awards to high school students for academic success and overcoming adversities. We deliver dictionaries to elementary schools in the fall. We provide an entertaining holiday dinner and a night of baseball game for special needs residents. We support our community by volunteering our time and sweat for town beauti cation efforts. We support our educational service clubs at local schools and the University of Redlands. We recognize the arts in our schools through music competition. We sponsor the attendance of middle school and high school students in our leadership program. We reward our local high school students for their academic achievement through scholarships. For those scholars, we ask they consider service above self as they go through life. We have stood up and donated in times of crisis, when mother nature took its toll on communities in our country. We mourned the loss of our youth because of senseless violence through prayer and solidarity. And this year, we did something extra special for our children, we embarked on a signi cant educational program bringing a discussion of human traf cking to our community.

But we have more to accomplish before my term ends. Of course, that special event we lovingly call “Touch-A-Truck,” where the joy of a child’s smile as they crawl around trucks will make your day. As some have said, this is one of the best family events that our community has to offer.

These events are paid through your generosity and work. We pour beer and wine; we host special wine and beer tasting events as well as dinners (see a trend here?). And of course, I ne the hell out of all of you. I also need to acknowledge that it is our corporate sponsors (many of whom are members of our club) and community partners that allow us to put on such major events. Those partners such as ESRI, the University of Redlands, the 66ers baseball club, the Elks Club, the YMCA and others have always supported our needs.

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve and be part of these events. I look forward to my continued involvement as we place “service above self” in the years to come.

Editor – John Tincher—Edition No. 48, June 7, 2018

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