Spoke Newsletter – 06/06/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 06/06/2019


THE INVASION Today we will be entertained by none other than our very own DON MCCUE. DON will discussing the 75th anniversary of “D-Day.” For our members that were there, you can correct DON’s mistakes. For the rest of us, I am sure it will be a learning experience.


JAN HUDSON and JIM KNOX (CRAFT TALK) For those who were present, I am sure you were impressed by the dance moves shown by JAN and her partner DREW RODRIGUEZ who is the co-owner (and junior partner with his wife) of Arthur Murry Dance Studio’s here in Redlands. They danced their little tootsies off for a good cause (Redlands Symphony). But more importantly I hope you all got into MARVIN’s wallet when he offered to match pledges. This fine performance was followed by our own counsel JIM KNOX. As you may well know by now JIM a partner at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP where he has worked for almost 20 years. As his focus is on criminal law and family law you all know now when you wife tells you to be quite after you’ve been pulled over for speeding. I am sure his talk was informative and entertaining. Just be sure to keep his card in your wallet….you never know.


So far it is blank but I hear that NEAL WAINER may have something special for us.


THE DICTATOR IS ABOUT TO BE DETHRONED JUNE 22 CEREMONY Well, as we enter our last month of PRESIDENT HORZEN’S terror project, it is often a good time to reflect on the many accomplishments he has had during his reign. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any. I will say he has succeeded in spoiling our lunch with a barrage of lame jokes for which there will be retribution. If you are of a gentle nature and not one to express your displeasure publicly, then come to the demotion party on Saturday, June 22 at VICTORIA MARSHALL’s home. At the festivities you can ingest several glasses of margaritas and then tell PRESIDENT JOE what you think.


Touch a Truck: Ladies and gentlemen, the big event is this Saturday, June 8. We need volunteers to help set up and tear down. Please see JOE KIBLER and sign up to help out. We need a lot of help this year. In fact, we may have 3 helicopters. So some and join the fun. Redlands Bowl: Don’t forget that the season kicks off June 21, and I seem to remember that MARVIN HUDSON was asking for volunteers to help pass the red bucket. See MARV for more details


Any stairway is a stairway to heaven if you’re clumsy enough. Sleeping Beauty must have been terrified the first time she went back to sleep. The whole salad dressing industry exists because people really just don’t like the taste of salad. If your shirt isn’t tucked into your pants, your pants are tucked into your shirt. If you swap the “W”s in Where, What, and When with “T”s. You end up with their answers.


JOE JOVIALLY JUDICIOUS JABBERING’S Touch-A-Truck time! Touch-A-Truck is this Saturday and I hope to see all our Rotarians from this club out and about at Ted Runner Stadium! Another huge thank you to the entire Touch-A-Truck committee for all their hard work and dedication to putting this event together. On a secondary note June is Rotary Fellowships month! For those of you that don’t know Rotary fellowships are groups of members who share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions. There are all kinds of fellowships from RVing, bowlings, classic cars, WINE…..come to think of it our club may just be its own fellowship… In any case, if you’re interested be sure to check it out and get more involved in Rotary!

Editor—AJ Beechko —Edition No. 47, June 06, 2019

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