Spoke Newsletter – 05/18/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 05/18/2017


SERENA DAVIS will give a presentation about Smiley Heritage Tours, a committee of the Smiley Public Library that provides bus tours to important Redlands cultural sites (such as the University, the Library and the Asistencia) to every 4th grader in the Redlands Unified School District.


Former Smiley Library Director LARRY BURGESS delivered a sneak preview of his forthcoming projects. He described how completing a chapter in a recent book about the Women’s Indian Association took 18 months. He then explained his credo that “Local History Is Personal History” and related the pitfalls of documenting disputatious local incidents. He gave very enlightening details about the notorious 1958 incident, including a Rotary connection, in which the Redlands City Council was forced to terminate a controversial Police Chief. The 50th anniversary of the creation of Prospect Park because of Larry to reflect on the bitter battles that ensued when the land was initially proposed to be a trailer park. “Little old ladies in tennis shoes” saved the day. Larry concluded by teasing the audience with brief mentions of controversial episodes such as the Ku Klux Klan’s involvement in Redlands and the “incredibly destructive” decision to put the freeway through the middle of town. Those wanting details about these episodes will have to await the book.


ANTHONY ORTEGA, L.C.S.W. , will speak about the history of Patton State Hospital


SANDI BENTLEY and JIM NOLIN recognized area students KIMBERLY RUIZ, WILLOW GOSS and KEITH COLEY as Rising Stars. The program honors RUSD students who have risen above adversity and gone on to achieve.

SAVE THE DATE: President Jan’s demotion party will take place on the evening of June 29th at the home of KEVIN and DREW CORREIA. Let’s send Jan out in the style she deserves.

ROTARY DISTRICT 5330 NEWS: Governor Bob Duistermars has made matching Foundation $$$ available when you make a contribution to The Rotary Foundation.

Your minimum donation needs to be $100 and your maximum donation can be $500. If you donate $500, you or someone you designate will become a Paul Harris Fellow. Please contact District Rotary Foundation CHAIR CHERYL PETERSON directly for full details.

There is still time to register for the 2017 Rotary Convention, which will be held June 10 – 14 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You won’t want to miss the centennial birthday party or unforgettable host events, from barbecue and bluegrass to dinner at the World of Coca-Cola or the College Football Hall of Fame.

It is also not too late to help the Touch a Truck committee, which met last night. The third annual rendition of this Rotary club of Redlands cosponsored event will take place on Saturday, June 10 between 9 AM and 2 PM at the Ted Runner stadium parking lot at the University of Redlands Get up close and personal with trucks and other vehicles of all kinds at this family friendly, educational and fun activity. Talk to JIM NOLIN or JEFF FRAZIER if you want to help out.

Human trafficking has become a priority focus of Rotary International. As we have learned, one out of every four girls who runs away from a foster care home in the United States will be trafficked within forty-eight hours of running away. The Rotary club of Redlands wants to be part of the solution. JIM NOLIN and BEVERLY NOERR are forming a task force which will meet this Thursday immediately after club. Anyone wishing to help is invited to attend. Trivia Time: On this date in 1896 the US Supreme Court issued its important decision in the case of Plessy versus Ferguson. What did the decision affirm? Last week’s answer: On May 11th 1970, a triple album was released featuring music from the iconic 1969 Woodstock concert.


Happy Thursday Rotarians!
As you have now heard, human trafficking has become a priority focus of Rotary International. As we have learned, one out of every four girls who runs away from a foster care home in the United States will be trafficked within forty-eight hours of running away. Human trafficking is the second overall fastest growing crime in our country. As a club we want to be a part of the solution.

This Thursday we will focus on confirming the date and venue for a Summit event for the Inland Empire region. We have several speaker/professionals, including OPAL SINGLETON, who are interested in participating in our event. Our task force for the event will be meeting on Thursdays immediately following our club meetings. Anyone wishing to help is invited to attend the meetings.

Please join us this Thursday at 1:30 at the tables in the back of the meeting hall immediately after Rotary.

Editor Don McCue – #44, 18 May, 2017

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