Spoke Newsletter – 05/04/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 05/04/2017


DR. RALPH KUNCL from the University of Redlands will give us an update about the state of affairs at dear old U of R.


Our own NATHAN GONZALES served as moderator for a panel discussion focusing on “Growing up in Redlands in the 1960s”. Participants included LARRY BURGESS (Redlands High School Class of 1963), LYNDA SCHAUF (RHS class of 68) and BILL HATFIELD (RHS class of 70). The distinguished panel shared anecdotes about the Vietnam War, their educational and social experiences at Redlands High and incidents at some of Redlands most infamous watering holes, including the night Larry shut down the notorious Pinky’s.


Deposed Smiley Library Director LARRY BURGESS returns to the podium allegedly to discuss progress on his long promised book Hanky-Panky on the Sankey.


A NOTE FROM CAL BOOTHBY–The annual Joint Service Club/YMCA Service to Youth Award luncheon will be held in the YMCA Roy Coble gymnasium on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. The doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the luncheon program will begin at 12:00. We will be entertained by several acts from the Great Y Circus prior to the awarding of the YMCA Service to Youth award. A major benefit of this venue is that it is the Y Circus’ “home court”, so they can do an enhanced performance for us. Please encourage your organization’s members to come support the YMCA, the Y Circus performers, and the 2017 Service to Youth Award recipient.

The Service Club Council would like to extend their sincere appreciation to Redlands Round Table for their years of service in organizing the event. This year the Service Club Council feels that it is time to pass the responsibility on to another organization. We extend our warm thanks to the Rotary Club of Redlands, home club of Roy Coble, for agreeing to carry on this annual tradition of Joint Service Club/YMCA Service to Youth Award Luncheon.

The cost of luncheon reservations will be $20 per person. The menu choices are:
1) Tarragon Chicken Sandwich – Oven roasted all-natural chicken, grape and tarragon aioli salad with marinated vineripened tomato, and local greens on a croissant.

2) SoCal Avocado Sandwich – Locally grown avocado, vineripened tomato with arugula, Redlands orange-rosemary aioli on focaccia. Both choices include pasta salad, water, iced tea, soft drinks and dessert (mixed fruit tart).

Please let me know if you are attending along with your lunch selection via email (poolspa97@aol.com) or phone (951-2013481)


Last week’s spoke by editor Ray Watts elicited favorable comment from our retired long serving club Treasurer Dale Ventres:
I especially appreciated Cal Boothby’s squib mentioning Roy Coble, the Great Y Circus AND the Service Club luncheon at the Y. The first luncheon was planned and promoted (aggressively) by our Y staff and held in the old gym. (Larry Burgess was our speaker.) The following year we repeated this program in our new & just dedicated “Roy Coble Super Gym”, with Roy as “Greeter”, both years! Happy Memories. And then I retired (1985) and my associate Greg Steel became our new Redlands YMCA Exec. We served box lunches & cool-aid for five bucks each, I think ~ but that fast food business is long-gone, like so many of those neat participants.

Congratulations to Chairman PAT MEYER and the dozen Rotary club of Redlands members who participated in the Community Day of Service this past Saturday. In collaboration with that other Redlands Rotary club, Pat’s team conducted cleaning, planting and irrigation installation in the Redlands Boulevard median by Albertson’s. Pat reports that former club member Scott Schowler, looking hale and hearty, was among the participants.

The rumor that PRESIDENT JAN has officially abandoned the club can be squelched, as she is due to return next week, leaving only one more performance from the interloper JIM “NO MAS” NOLIN.

If you see SHIRLEY HARRY with a measuring tape in Smiley Park, she is not attempting to ascertain the minimum square footage needed for sleeping areas for the homeless, but rather seeing to one of the many details for the upcoming Festival of the Arts. The fifth incarnation of that very successful event will take place on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and feature dozens of regional artists as well as food offerings and a beer garden.


There is still time to register for the 2017 Rotary Convention, which will be held June 10 – 14 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You won’t want to miss the centennial birthday party or our unforgettable host events, from barbecue and bluegrass to dinner at the World of Coca-Cola or the College Football Hall of Fame. Connect with old friends and make new ones at the convention, and be part of the best Rotary has to offer. Save the date

The quadrennial AK Smiley Public Library Gala committee has selected a date for the party that is so monumental it can only be held every four years. Co-chaired by JOHN PATTERSON’S delightful and resourceful better half MYRA, the fundraising event will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018. Because the city of Redlands general fund has been too depleted for eight consecutive years to provide traditional library materials such as books, magazines, DVDs and programming, the library has come to rely on outside funding sources such as the Gala.


Tomorrow Is Cinco de Mayo. What is the significance and year of the battle which the holiday celebrates?

Editor – Don McCue – #42, 04 May, 2017

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