Spoke Newsletter – 05/01/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 05/01/2014

We welcome Beverly Noerr, Executive Director of the Redlands Community Music Association, sharing with us today not only the new Summer Music Festival Season but also some exciting changes at the Redlands Bowl!

SANDRA BENTLEY OWNER REDLANDS AESTHETICS SANDI shared with us how to prevent skin cancer ~“Slip! Slop! Slap! & Wrap”, 4 key ways we can protect ourselves from UV radiation: Slip on a shirt, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Wrap on sunglasses to protect your eyes and sensitive skin around them. Red- lands Aesthetics provides Correction, Nutrition & Prevention as part of their complete program. SANDI was joined by her guest Lynn Hodge, LME of Image Skincare. Rotarians don’t forget! Slip! Slop! Slap! & Wrap

Next Week
Jerry Bean and SHIRLEY HARRY, cofounders of the Redlands Arts Festival will present an update and description of this second annual event.

CHERYL RIGGS is already planning our 5th Thursday social! Thursday, May 29 from 5-7 p.m. at the Cutler Group 201 Olive Ave, Corner of Cajon. Parking is available in the parking lot on Olive and the entrance is from the parking lot (not the Cajon or Olive doors) Cost – free. Spouses or significant others welcome!! Thank you to CAL BOOTHBY, Redlands Pool & Spa Center for underwriting the adult beverages. More details to come ~ Let’s be courteous and RSVP with Cheryl ASAP

PREZ ELECT JIM NOLIN invites anyone who likes to wait until the last minute, District Conference is next week, May 2 – 4.

Next RCOR Field Trip is to the Rotary Learning Institute on May 17 in Lake Elsinore. Breakfast and lunch, scaled education about Rotary and the Club covers the expenses. Reserve now!

TREASURER CAL BOOTHBY reminds us it is time for everyone who has not paid their balance of club dues to pony up. See CAL for your balance. We are in the last 2 months of the year before we get to start our new year with President JIM NOLIN (aka the Big Lebowski)

TRAVEL PERMITS?? – Many of our own are off to enjoy the educational but fun Civil War trip! CHAR & LARRY BURGESS, SUSAN & DON MCCUE , SER- ENA & PETER DAVIS, NIKKI & RON HELBRON, RON & JOYCE JEFFRIES, NATHAN GONZALES AND Tour Escort CHRIS WALKER. LARRY, DON & NATHAN, are Smiley Archivists who lead the group and provide history and background to what participants are viewing. CHRIS WALKER is the one who makes sure the wheels don’t come off the bus, or that LARRY, NATHAN OR DON don’t miss the bus!

Thank you to PAT MEYER for once again leading the charge representing our Rotary Club for the Redlands Community Day of Service! It was a successful day bringing out more than 1200 volunteers making community improvements. Well done PAT and Rotarian Volunteers ~ the Boulevard median looks great!

This weekend is the District Conference at the Desert Princess Resort. During this event our Club will receive many awards for our successes in each of the avenues of service. One of the most exclusive Rotary International Presidential Awards is for our involvement with Rotaract. We are one of only two Clubs in the District that met the criteria. Thank you JACK OS- BORN and BOB HEINZE for helping to make Rotaract so successful!

One of the easiest awards to earn was the President Ron Burton Rotary Club Central Award. At least 27 Clubs qualified. All one had to do was enter all of our goals and projects online at Rotary Club Central. While it may sound trivial this will make the life of President Elect JIM NOLIN much easier. He can quickly see what we planned and achieved this year as he sets his own goals for 2014/15.

The District Conference will wrap up Sunday with yours truly, Robbing Hood, leading the meeting during lunch. This honor comes as a result of RON JEFFREY and the Membership Committee’s hard work in leading us to second place for net membership growth in the District. What should I do during the meeting to give everyone a taste of Rotary Club of Redlands? Excessive fines? Embarrassing photos of prominent Club members? Maybe I’ll wear the green tights…

May 01, 2014– No 40 – Editor: Jan Hudson

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