Spoke Newsletter – 05/31/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 05/31/2018


JOHN HUSING presented an engaging and detailed analysis of economic trends speci cally aimed at inland Southern California. The bottom line is good news: we are among the highest economic growth areas in the state, and nationally command attention for the very low unemployment rate. As JOHN noted there is little reason not to nd work in the area. He explained the reasons for the concentration of mega warehouses in San Bernardino and Riverside County, including inexpensive land availability, access to major railroad and freeway corridors, and welcoming business arrangements with local and county governments. HUSING has studied the trends of our area of the Southland for more than 50 years. When billionaires with the name Perot, Anschutz, and Bezos take their Texas, Colorado, and Washington (Seattle) money to inland Southern California, the warehouse and distribution empire they create becomes an economic juggernaut.

As a matter of fact, the front porch of our house might also be seen as an commerce gage for Redlands based on the number of Fed X and UPS boxes that continually arrive every week… but that’s a different economic issue!


We welcome SCOTT WELSH, representing the Chamber of Commerce and their “Shop Locally” initiative.


At press time it remains a mystery. But based on the excellent programs that Chairman DENNIS HANSBERGEER and his committee cohorts have presented this year, it will be a good one, so you better be here.


The Demotion Party for our esteemed, soon to be ex-Prexy A.J. BEECHKO will take place on Friday, June 15th at 6 P.M. at the home of JEFF AND PAULA FRAZIER. This will prove to be a delightful soiree and honors A.J. for his hard work in our behalf this year. Also, it provides a chance to say what you want to him without facing a ne.


JERRY BEAN AND SHIRLEY HARRY are feeling relief (that all the hard work is now behind them) and immense satisfaction for the success this past weekend of their jointly founded Redlands Arts Festival. Many Rotarians were seen in the crowd shopping, eating, enjoying music in Smiley Park. Some, as in the case of STAN WEISSER (pouring up brews for a good cause) lingered in the beer garden, while others worked in the Smiley Library Children’s Garden putting on art demonstrations for the youngsters. Over the two days hundreds of people came through.

Been by the YMCA lately? Things are a changing. Ask DARWIN BARNETT. Revealed last week to members: TOM CUTLER not only well known insurance tycoon but now vineyard owner and wine maker. Is there a tasting program there?

KEITH KASIN’S face adorned by a chef’s hat has been sent to many households of senior citizens by Plymouth Village.

“Barbecue Lunch with Keith” the yer proclaims and “Let me make you lunch,” says a beaming KEITH. So Wednesday, June 20 is the day for a free KASIN cooked meal.









My Mentor

When I rst met CAL BOOTHBY I noted a very nice gentlemen with a smile, who would take my money when I brought a guest. Sometimes, I might get a gentle reminder to pay my dues or nes. But over time, I have come to realize the commitment this man has to our club and Rotary. CAL is a past president and has served as treasurer with many presidents. He has been involved with the district by providing assistance to our governor on more than one occasion. He frequently attends our Rotary International Conference on his own dime, and guides newly elected presidents through the maze of Rotary events.

For me CAL’s guidance began six months before my term began. He strongly suggested I attend the president elect training program known as PETS. CAL made all of the arrangements, all I needed to do was to show up. It was an excellent weekend. It jumpstarted my excitement about our club. Over the next four to ve months I would be constantly asking CAL questions about establishing my board for my upcoming term. To be perfectly clear, CAL BOOTHBY never told me what I could or could not do, but rather he was a great sounding board for my wild ideas. The one exception was when he suggested I reconsider my idea of playing “American Pie” before every club meeting.

When the Rotary International Conference was held in Atlanta last year, CAL took care of all of the arrangements for Andrea and I. He made Andrea feel welcome and the three of us attended may lectures together. Our dinners and cocktails were great events (I even acquired a taste for grits). On one occasion we had the bad sense to believe we could outrun a thunder storm, bad mistake. Overall it was a time Andrea and I will always remember.

Our time on earth is short, and throughout our lives we come in contact with many individuals that have an impact on us. I am so lucky to consider CAL BOOTHBY my friend. He has supported me during every step of my term. He continues to be there for me and our next president JOE HORZEN. We are lucky to have CAL as a member and a leader in our club. Thank you CAL for everything.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 47, May 31, 2018

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