Spoke Newsletter – 05/23/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 05/23/2019

Three of our Club’s own will present what promises to be a meaningful program about serving our country through service in our armed forces. DON MCCUE will “interview” JACK BENNETT and ED MORRISON about their service to our country while serving in our armed forces. As we all know, this coming Monday is Memorial Day and we owe a great deal gratitude to those who perished while serving our country. I am sure this program will help us to remember those who have served in our armed services and the many sacrifices that have been made so that we may enjoy our freedom.

LAURI BUTLER from Feeding America – Riverside/San Bernardino presented a program dealing with hunger in the Inland Empire and what Feeding America is doing to overcome this all too common occurrence. It was interesting to learn that while one child in five in the Inland Empire is exposed to daily hunger, that this represents an improvement from the prior year, when one in four faced daily hunger. Feeding America’s area of service is from the Arizona border to Los Angeles County excluding part of low desert. The focus is on not only feeding the hungry, but also doing so in a nutritious way. They work with over 500 community partners to attack this critical problem.
Pictured from last week’s meeting: Rotary Student’s of the Month

We will be entertained next week by JAN HUDSON and JIM KNOX with craft talks. Jan’s presentation will not be focused on real estate in the Inland Empire, but something more interesting and entertaining (you will need to attend to find out). Jim’s presentation will cover his activities as an attorney. It is always interesting to learn more about our member’s activities.

The final Breakfast and Book event for this academic year will be held at Franklin School on Wednesday May 29 at 7:00 am in the school library. You will be on your way by 7:45 am, knowing you have already been of service. The books to be read are supplied by our club and remain there when we leave. Great program. The Family Service Hunger Walk is scheduled for Saturday June 1 at the U of R and we need a couple of volunteers to help women/man our Touch-A-Truck information booth. The time is from 7:00 am until about 11:00 am. Please see JAMIE KNOLIN for more information.

The sign-up sheets started around last week for our TouchA-Truck event. If you missed the meeting or needed to check your calendar before signing up, please be advised the sign-up sheets will once again be passed around. The event is scheduled for Saturday June 8 at the U of R Ted Runner Stadium parking lot. It is fun and the kids have a great time – you will see many smiles and receive lots of thanks from the attendees.

Thanks to LEW NELSON for once again doing an outstanding job of presenting the Students of the Month recipients to our Club. Last week was the last presentation for this academic year. The achievements of the young people is truly amazing.

Speaking of outstanding students and recognition – thanks to all our Rotarians who have or will be presenting Redlands Rotary scholarships to deserving students in the Redlands Unified School District. Chair CHRIS WALKER and the members of the Scholarship Awards Committee have once again been able to recognize and assist those students who have performed at a superior level. Thank you to the committee members for your efforts and thank you to all our members you have worked so hard to supply the dollars that allow for these scholarships.

Dates to remember – June 22 – our esteemed President JOE HORZEN’S Demotion Party and June 28 – ushering at the Redlands Bowl.

We have birthdays to celebrate: KIM CLARK (1) RON HELBRON (21) RON JEFFREY (25) ROY MANWICKAROTTU (25) RAY WATTS (26) Few in numbers, but prominent in composition. Happy Birthday one and all.

Birthday week! Sadly I am missing today’s meeting but the good news is I have left you in the capable hands of a past president! Unfortunately my wife is undergoing vision correction surgery today so I won’t be able to attend club….. not sure how things will turn out for me once she can see me clearly, but I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it! Hope everyone has a safe and fun memorial day this weekend and I will see everyone in a week!

Editor—Doug McAdam —Edition No. 45, May 23, 2019

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