Spoke Newsletter – 05/16/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 05/16/2019


STEPHANIE OTERO and DAVE BRYERS from Feeding America – Riverside/San Bernardino will present a program that will focus on Feeding America’s effort to end hunger in the Inland Empire. This innovative organization promotes sustainability and capacity building by collaborating with hundreds of partner charities to provide hunger relief services and emergency food assistance to citizens throughout the Inland Empire. Welcome Stephanie and Dave.


It was our pleasure last week to have MACURICIO ARELLANO, the Redlands U n i f i e d School District Superintendent of School, speak to us about what is happening in the school district. Mauricio, who joined the RUSD in August 2017, led us through the recently developed “RUSD 2025: Excellence for All Students” program which focuses on five key areas. These areas include – 1. Enhanced learning through innovation, 2. Excellence in academics, 3. Collaborative community and parent partnerships, 4. Equality through equity and 5. Learning in safe and secure environments. After listening to Mauricio, it is easy to understand why the RUSD is one of the top schools districts in the state.


Be sure to attend next week’s meeting – it promises to be one best programs of the year. DON MCCUE will “interview” JACK BENNETT and ED MORRISON about their service to our country. This program will dovetail nicely to our Country’s Memorial Day recognition of those who perished while serving in our armed forces. As we know, Memorial Day is a national holiday for remembering and honoring persons who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. We cannot thank enough those who lost their lives in their service to our country. Also, please remember the families of those service people who died during their service to our country


Where do the accolades start for the enjoyable and successful Red Wine and Brews event last Saturday? Perhaps it should start with all the members of the RWB Committee who organized a fantastic event. The accolades should include those who assisted at the event – I did see RAY MANWICKAROTTU and LYNN WHITMER along with others, pouring the excellent wine from various wineries to the attendees; also those wellknown wine sommeliers JACK OSBORN and CHRIS WALKER pouring wines in the VIP section (that pinot noir was outstanding). Thanks to BILL MCCALMON and FLORIN ROMINU for getting the event kicked off at last week’s meeting via a spirited auction of a fine wine. Thanks to all the members who participated and attended.

Mark your calendars for Touch-A-Truck – Saturday June 8 is the date. You know who (JN) is organizing the event and will need plenty of volunteers to make sure the attendees (especially the kids) have an outstanding time. More to come.

The annual Demotion Party is scheduled for June 22 at the home of CHARLES and VICTORIA MARSHALL. This will be an opportunity to acknowledge JOE HORZEN for his outstanding year serving as our President.

JAN HUDSON invited us to attend the Thursday May 23 discussion regarding the proposed Ballot Measure regarding the Transit Village Project. The meeting, which will be held at the East Valley Association of Realtors’ office on Colton Avenue, starts at 5:30 p.m. and Mayor Paul Foster will be there to discuss and answer questions.


Thanks to all the Rotarians and guests who attended this year’s Red Wine and Brews! It was a great evening full of great drinks and great company. Oddly enough May is Youth Service month which coincides nicely with our biggest fundraiser of the year to help support youth in our community! From breakfast and book to the scholarships we provide, our club is committed to the support of our youth. Lastly I just want to give another huge thank you to our RED WINE and BREWs COMMITTEE and all the work they put in to make the event happen. Next up on the calendar? TOUCH A TRUCK!

Editor—Doug McAdam —Edition No. 44, May 16, 2019 – Download Rotary Newsletter

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