Spoke Newsletter – 05/10/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 05/10/2018


JIM TOPLESKI, Battalion Chief, Redlands Fire Department, presented an engaging and unique look at the great res in California beginning in December 20`17 and continuing unabated from January and past February while making new records of destruction in west central and Southern California. Complete with frightening videos, JIM presented insights from his personal participation as one of the directors of operations at several of the res. He explained that his leave from our department is compensated to the City through various disaster funds as well as nancially supporting an open-ended service time for the re’s duration. He explained how wind, drought, and weather conditions can and did combine to wreak havoc upon our state. It became clear that once such a huge juggernaut takes hold, nature not humans directs the course of devastation. A bottom line to ghting and containing and putting out such con agrations is money. “How much are you willing to pay?” he suggestions is at the heart of the matter. JIM paid a tting and moving tribute to the leadership of recently retired Chief JEFF FRAZIER.

A sidebar to the presentation revealed that JIM had one time dated BERNIE O’PREY’S daughter many a year ago. It seems that a high school date became entangled in a seeming missing car and daughter from BERNIE’S home but all ended well when the adventure resolved as benignly as an Archie Comic.

Of similar interest is the realization that JIM was stationed at the Santa Barbara re and was able to help BOB HEINZE determine the status of his beach house as the ames worked their way to the coast. JIM’S picture of the bay to the ocean showed not BOB’S hideaway but you got the drift of the splendor. Rotary beach party anyone?

A final note: JIM was well chaperoned by his delightful mother-in-law, our own BARBARA O’KEEFE.


Our STEVE DAVIS presents his observations and insights into a recent Rotary district outreach to India in the august company of our governor, MANZOOR MASSEY. HE already offered a preview when he presented president BEECHKO with a banner from an Indian club.


Ontario airport continues to expand service and making improvements after years of neglect and sucking up the pro ts under the ownership of Los Angeles International. San Bernardino County Supervisor and Ontario Airport Board Member CURT HAGMAN will present the evolving story.


Welcome JENNIFER DANIELS to our membership. A lawyer, she will add her distinctive abilities for service above self. Make sure to introduce yourself and make her aware of the diverse and wonderful boys and girls in the club.

FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT RED WINE AND BREWS: Saturday, Esri, tickets still available, a good time guaranteed, important and vital funds raised for our scholarship program, and a chance to make Rotary shine as one of the premier organizations as a jewel in the Redlands crown of culture.


KIM CLARK has departed to his holdings in Wyoming at Cody. JANE DREHER continues to offer her publishing and marketing expertise as a member of the Redlands Police Foundation. The BILL HATFIELD party reports from their European trip that Amsterdam has been conquered, visits made by water to other capitals and now are decamped in Salzburg. A trip to Vienna completes the itinerary. Major home upgrades include painting at BOB HODGES and more landscaping at NATHAN GONZALES’S. A continuing shout out to BRINA LIMON for her stunning choices of books to match the speakers. Brilliant. Finally: CHRIS WALKER has completed his plans for a forthcoming trip to CHINA.



Well ladies and gentlemen, the time is fast approaching for our key fundraiser. This Weekend, May 12, the day before mother’s day is…..RED…WINE… AND BREWS. Speaking with CAL BOOTHBY, it looks like we are still a bit short on tickets, but if history has a message, it is that Rotarians always pull through in the end!!! I look forward to a great event, at a great venue, with a great purpose. Our Youth Programs and Scholarships are depending on us, and I know we will succeed.


This event would not have been possible without the efforts of our small but determined RWB Committee that has been captained by JACQUI LANIER. JACQUI has focused the efforts her group to bring us the most exciting and new event we have ever seen. At the risk of missing some names, I want to acknowledge the efforts of SHIRLEY HARRY, VICTORIA MARSHALL, CAL BOOTHBY, KEVIN CORREIA, JANE DREHER, JIM NOLAN, DAVID GAUTHIER, JOSEPH KIBLER, SANDI BENTLEY, and LYNN WHITMER.

Thank you, JACQUI, and thanks to everyone on the team for working so hard on this worthwhile event.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 44, May 10, 2018


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