Spoke Newsletter – 05/04/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 05/04/2018


Police Chief CHRIS CATREN provided an engaging and informative talk about his career, events in his work as a member of the Redlands Police that in uenced him, and provided a tribute to mentoring under Chief LEW NELSON. He also presented views about the challenges of policing in a distinctive city such as Redlands and the diverse challenges it provides. He noted an additional strength for the department comes with the appointment of Assistant Chief, Travis Martinez (whose grandfather was a Redlands Mayor). His candid, modulated response to questions from our members re ected a steady hand as the department’s head. Serving Redlands residents is his number one priority. He discussed training methods that differ from other towns because Redlands is unique in the mix and expectations of its populace. Beginning as a crime investigator (a very good one indeed adds NELSON), the Chief felt with each passing year a yearning to join the force as a policeman. After many years of an exemplary career, and with his appointment at last year’s end, it is obvious that his transferable skills will embolden the department to render superb service in the years to come.



From Police to Fire…today we welcome Battalion Chief JIM TOPLESKI, Chief of the Redlands Fire Department. He will present information about the recent res and the resulting ooding that occurred in the Napa Valley and in the Santa Barbara-Monticeto areas.


Steve Davis will be here to talk about his recent trip with the District Governor to India.


From the indefatigable former President JIM NOLIN:

“The Party with a Purpose,” the annual event NOW KNOWN AS Red Wine and Brews, is less than a fortnight away! May 12 from 4pm to 7pm, enjoy a fun evening at the Esri Café surrounded by great people, ne beverages, good food and contemporary music. Browse and buy opportunity drawing tickets and bid on silent auction items.


We have a new venue and new “feel” and a reduced ticket price, so please, buy tickets and sell tickets. PLEASE. They are available online at red wine and brews.org or can be purchased at any Club meeting for $75.000 or $125.00 for the “VIP Experience.” If you know who might want to buy some, you can take some tickets and turn in the money later; see JACQUI LANIER or CAL BOOTHBY. If you don’t want to buy any for yourself or can’t attend, how about buying 2 tickets to reward a terrific employee or to thank a great client or service provider?


This event has traditionally been our biggest fundraiser, so let’s get out there and sell tickets, and pack the house!


{ed. Note: Sell tickets, buy tickets, ful l the goals of your wine group committee, and fast for twenty-four hours in preparation for consumption.}


The 10th ANNUAL COMMUNITY WORK DAY took place last Saturday with a good compliment of Rotarians helping out among the hundreds upon hundreds of Redlanders who volunteered to beautify and improve their city. PAT MEYER our chairman led the troops along with Prexy BEECHKO in tree planting on Fifth Avenue. A free lunch was provided by the Kiwanis at Heritage Park. PAT doubtless will name and thank his crew at our next meeting.


Kudos to JOHN PATTERSON’S wife, Myra, for co-chairing a successful, radiant social event at the Smiley Library’s Quadrennial Gala this past Saturday. An array of Rotarians was there, and, a record for Library funding was achieved. NEAL WANER chaired the underwriting committee. As April editor CHRIS WALKER noted in last week’s Spoke, BILL HATFIELD Library Board member learned of the event’s success through electronic media during his luxurious vacation river cruise and land tours in Europe. A tenth of that trip’s costs would probably retire any budget de cits at Rotary.



Red Wine & Brews

Red Wine and Brews…..Red Wine and Brews…..Red Wine and Brews….Tickets……Tickets…..Tickets

We need your help as we are a bit behind with ticket sales. Jim Nolin put together an excellent review outlining the purpose of this key fundraising event. Programs like RYLA, Breakfast and a Book, Dictionary Project, Purple Turtles, Student of the Month, Rising Stars, donations to community organizations, and of course Scholarships, ALL DEPEND ON FUNDS RAISED BY RED WINE AND BREWS.

So let’s move some tickets. How about the idea of rewarding a staff person who works really hard at your of ce. What better way to say thank you but to pick up a couple of tickets. It’s not even Christmas. Who knows, they might even bid on some of our auction items.

Please help us this year “party with a purpose” by telling everyone you know about the event. Tickets will be available at our upcoming meetings and “I know a guy” who is putting together some great posters that can be displayed around town and in our offices.

ESRI is a great venue. The wine will be great, the beer will be great, the auction items are fantastic. So let’s all work together to make this event a great success. Our benefactors are depending on us. Thanks

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 43, May 03, 2018

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