Spoke Newsletter – 05 /02/ 2019

Spoke Newsletter – 05 /02/ 2019


JASON ANDERSON, the San Bernardino County District Attorney, will provide an update on the activities that are occurring within the district Attorney’s office. Prior to his election as District Attorney, Jason was both a former prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office for 17 years and a criminal defense attorney in private practice for 4 years. In addition, to his professional activities as an attorney, Jason previously served on the Ontario Planning Commission and he also teaches law at La Verne College of Law. With over 550 employees including over 200 prosecutors and a budget of over $90 million the District Attorney’s office is a complex and evolving governmental agency We welcome Jason and are anxious to learn more about the current priorities of the District Attorney’s Office.


MATT BAER, representing the California Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America, discussed the many changes that have and are taking place within the organization as well the many accomplishments of Scouts. One of the most significant changes relates to the ability of young women to join Scouts USA, which is the new name for the Boy Scouts of America. There are currently over 400 Eagle Scouts in the Inland Empire Council and these young people as part of the requirement to become Eagle Scouts have undertaken projects that benefit our communities. Thanks to JIM KNOWLIN for bringing us this interesting program.


It is our pleasure to welcome MAURICIO ARELLANO, the Superintendent of Schools for the Redlands Unified School District. Mauricio succeeds our own LORI RHODES who succeeded our own BOB HODGES (do you see a pattern developing?). Prior to becoming Superintendent for RUSD, Mauricio served as Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources for the Palm Springs Unified School District. His background also includes teaching at an elementary school in San Bernardino Unified School District as well as a Principal. We look forward to an interesting and enlightening update on education in Redlands.


JIM NOLANN substituted for PREZ JOE HORZEN who was off to the beach for a semi-well deserved vacation followed by a few days in Las Vegas (what happens in Las Vegas will not stay in Las Vegas). Thanks Jim for bringing a semblance of dignity to the position and additionally, no “jokes/puns”? Welcome back Joe.

PAT MEYER and his merry band of landscapers did some serious improvements to Brookside Avenue. Thanks to all who participated in Redlands Community Service Day.

STEVE DAVIS went out in style as our song leader for April leading us in a teary rendition of “Frog Almost Hardly” – watch out America’s Got Talent.

The annual Redlands Touch-A-Truck event is scheduled for Saturday June 8, 2019 at University of Redlands Ted Runner Stadium parking lot from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. This event is loads of fun for both those that attend as well as our members who volunteer to assist. Please see JIM NOLAND for more information on how you can help.

Fast approaching is our RED WINE AND BREWS extravaganza. The scheduled date and time is May 11 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The location is the ESRI Café in Redlands. Please buy your tickets as soon as possible in order to not only help get an idea as to the number of attendees, but to raise money for our scholarship funds. Last week LARRY BURGESS very eloquently (?) implored us to open our wallets and raise money for the youth of our area.

Final notes – It is true – JOE HORZEN’S Demotion Party is scheduled for June 22, 2019 at the lovely home of President Elect VICTORIA MARSHALL. Mark your calendars, as you do not want to miss celebrating with Joe for his “fine” year. June 28th is the date we can help ushering at the Redlands Bowl. JAN and MARVIN HUDSON are coordinating this opening night event. Please check with them to sign up for a fun way to spend a Friday evening.


Just over a week until RWB! As it closes in let’s all make sure we are helping spread the word and sell as many tickets as possible! Remember this fundraiser is what funds all out scholarships each year and so its success is pivotal to our ability to provide scholarships! Remember if every member could buy or sell 2 tickets to the event it would ideal to ensuring the success of the event! Lastly, big thanks to the RWB committee and all their hard work on this event, with the final week approaching let’s all be sure to push just as hard as they are and make it another great RWB event!

Editor—Doug McAdam —Edition No. 42, May 2, 2019

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