Spoke Newsletter – 04/30/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 04/30/2015

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HEIDI MAYER the founder and head of Youth Hope, ably introduced by NEAL WANER presented a splendid talk about her early work with homeless and economically disadvantaged people in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. She explained how she went from a doubter about successfully helping such people to a direct “success” story with a young woman living on the streets in the “the Haight” area of San Francisco. He name was “Winter” and from that, Heidi turned her work to helping the 1,400 youth -12 to 24- that are without homes in Redlands. “I want to live,” an abused nearly suicidal 19 year old young man sobbed, as Heidi and her volunteers sought successfully to give him help.

From all this stemmed a program based in the former Little Fisherman restaurant on Redlands Blvd. It seeks to give the youngsters hope, three good meals a week, clothing, counseling, access to a job program, and education. This means making sure they go to school and for the older ones, making sure they complete their GED.

Only two paid staff assist Heidi and of course, many, many volunteers. the budget is about $300K a year. About 30 per cent are female clients, the rest being young men. The kids, she noted, often refer their friends. This is truly a needs based clientele.

NB. The 3rd annual “Slice of Hope” benefit golf tournament for Youth Hope will be on May 23.

MARK LEONARD, principal of Ictus Strategic Marketing will speak about his work in Southern California and the Inland Empire. He directs his efforts to non-profits, businesses, and people with ideas who need the assistance of strategic marketing.

Next Week
To be sure, our esteemed program director, JOHN PATTERSON will have a superior presentation lined up. At this moment it has not been vouchsafed to the editor.

Hold that date: May 30 9AM to 3PM at the University Of Redlands Runner Stadium parking lot for family day Touch-A-Truck. This is an upgrade from youthful summer days on Colorado when the tractor pull took place.

“Awaiting Results” Reports
There was a good deal of great publicity about the Service Club project at Hillside and elsewhere. PAT MEYER will fill us in.

And, BILL HATFIELD will report on the “Test Drive A New Buick” fundraiser for Redlands High this past Saturday. Go Terriers!

Maybe a Red, Wine and Blues report.?

Today’s Birthdays
Something special today: among the birthday boys and girls is the presence, long missed and much appreciated, of SCOTT SHOWLER. More will be said about him during the meeting. Welcome back, SCOTT! The other birthday honorees include JOAN BENSON (27), CAL BOOTHBY (4), JACK BURKE (16), MARTHA GREEN (7), ROSS JONES (15), DICK ROMO (16), TIM TIMMERMAN (16), CHRIS WALKER (12), and LARRY WORMSER (22). Happy Birthday to All!!!!!!!

As T. S. Eliot wrote, “April is the cruelest month.” Consider some of the infamous events and accidents that have occurred in United States history during that cruel month:

April 14, 1788- Five doctors are killed as a mob storms Doctor’s Hospital in New York where doctors and students have been dissecting human bodies, many of them robbed from graves. April 27, 1813- The US burns Toronto to the ground in an unsuccessful attempt to gain control of Lake Ontario. April 12, 1861- Confederates fire on Fort Sumter. April 14, 1865- President Lincoln is murdered. April 27, 1865- The worst ship disaster in American history occurs when the overloaded river steamer Sultana blows up, killing 1,700 persons, most emaciated Union soldiers being repatriated from Confederate prisoner of war camps. April 30, 1871- A mob massacres more than 100 Apaches who have placed themselves under US protection at Camp Grant, AZ.

April 20, 1914- Colorado mine owners, using “guards” hired and sworn as State militia, stage a raid with machine guns on a mine workers’ union tent city in an attempt to convince them to return to work. Five men, 2 women, and 12 chil- April 11, 1938- Richard Whitney, five-term president of the New York Stock Exchange, is sentenced to 5 to 10 years for April 16, 1947- Most of Texas City, TX is destroyed when a fertilizer ship explodes in the harbor with a force of 1 kiloton. More than 500 perish and 3,000 are injured in the blast. April 23, 1958- Five paratroopers are killed and 137 injured when the 101st Airborne Division stages a mass drop at Ft. April 17, 1961- Cuban exiles and CIA operatives land at the Bay of Pigs in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. The invasion fails within 3 days and 1,700 of the exiles are killed April 4, 1968- Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is murdered. April 3, 1970- California Lt. Governor Ed Reinecke is indicted on three counts of lying under oath. And then, there are the Redlands Rotarians born in April…..

Editor – Larry Burgess – No 40 – 4/30/2015

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