Spoke Newsletter – 04/24/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 04/24/2014

Redlands Rotary Club member SANDRA BENTLEY will discuss our skin and its care. SANDY, where were you 30 years ago when the sunscreen was an afterthought on Mentone Beach?

GRAEME AUTON followed up on the Ukraine situation and the current political ramblings by Vladimir Putin in Russia. Does Vladi really have an estimated net worth of $30 Billion? Maybe politics does pay. Was wondering how our own JIM NOLIN got so entrenched with Putin? JIM has been collecting an excessive amount of air miles with his weekly commutes to Russia.

JAN HUDSON, a Redlands Community Music Association boardmember, will present on the upcoming Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival.

President Elect JIM NOLIN again reminded us about our commitment forms for 2014-15. One was our financial commitment form for our club foundation and RI foundation. The other was Committee Involvement. Those Rotarians who wish to not respond may find themselves in board positions and elected by default to run our club. Your silence could have you chairing Red, Wine, and Blues next year. Get your commitments forms in.

This is a recap of the last weeks Students of the month. ANDREW REYES, Redlands High School; STEPHANIE DE LACRUZ, Orangewood High School; ELIZABETH TUFF, Citrus Valley High School. Outstanding students, one and all.

CHRIS WALKER did an outstanding job presenting about the Rotary International Foundation. The Future Vision Plan is the RI Foundation’s new grant model to show more support to the district and club humanitarian and educational projects. Under the Future Vision, the Foundation offers two types of grants, district grants and global grants. District Grants allow clubs and districts to address immediate needs in their communities and Global Grants fund large international humanitarian projects. Our own TOM ROGERS has spearheaded a couple of projects in South America. Areas of focus for the foundation are: Peace and Conflict prevention and resolution; Disease prevention and treatment; Water and Sanitation; Maternal and Child Health; Basic Education and Literacy; Economic and Community Development.

Following WALKER for “the Ask” was our own heavy LOWELL LINDEN. $100 every Rotarian, every year.

PAT MEYER will lead our club volunteers into battling weeds and such on Saturday, April 26. Meet in the Albertsons’ parking lot on Redlands Blvd. at 8am. Don’t forget to wear your battle gear and bring your weapon of choice. Hose duty will be on a first come, first served basis.

May 2 – 4

Our District Conference is approaching very quickly. Please get your reservation and inquiries into CAL BOOTHBY or JIM PINDER. For the new Rotarians in the club, this is a great time to see what other clubs within our district have done throughout the year. What projects have succeeded while others may need a tweak here and there. Why do some focus on this need and others on that?

Do you know the Rotarian who is going to spend a month in Kenya volunteering at a Dental Clinic in August? Do you know the Rotarians who are going to climb to 19,300 feet this summer? Pick up the phone and invite a fellow Rotarian to lunch or coffee. We have a very diverse club and at over 100 members it will take effort to get to know some. You never know what you may have in common if you don’t ask.

“Eulogy to a Drone, Final Chapter” After extensive emails with the hobby shop that sold the drone and the manufacturer, I received an official warranty claim form. The requested details were meticulous: when control was lost, what position were the switches in, what evasive maneuvers did you attempt, what could have been interfering with the signal? I submitted the form and waited…and waited…finally getting amessage to send in the drone to be repaired by the manufacturer. Then, two weeks later, I received a message that the drone was unrepairable and they were sending me a new one, completed with a new HD camera!

When it arrived I had convinced myself that drone piloting was too dangerous and unpredictable. I would sell it. I had joined a Facebook owner’s group and announced my intentions. The immediate response from ten or so pilots was to ‘get back on the horse’. Okay, I’ll bite. I took the drone to a soccer field and fired it up. It flew perfectly. The last photo I shot is included with this column. I flew it one more time at a friend’s house without incidence a few days later. But I kept seeing reports on Facebook of drone pilots complaining that their new toy just flew away and crashed. The risk of crashing and potentially hurting someone was just too great.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.34.56 AM

Last week the drone sold on eBay and some guy in Indiana is enjoying it. It is now time to invest in a new hobby. I’m thinking of pursuing my solo license for skydiving. Anyone want to join me???

April 24, 2014 No. 39 Editor: John Patterson

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