Spoke Newsletter – 04/16/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 04/16/2015

JEFF MARTINEZ brought us a wonderful insight into the meaning and the workings of the Special Olympic World Games, Los Angeles, July 15-August 2. As co-chair for the Host Town Redlands, he brought an insider’s view and analysis. Jeff introduced a guest and Olympic Global Messenger, Amanda Drexley of Yucaipa. As a participating ath- lete in soccer and rhythmic gymnastics, she explained that athletes may choose from twelve sports offered. Amanda told us how much the Special Olympics means to her, stat- ing that the slogan “let me win, let me be brave” is the heart of her reason to compete. JEFF noted that Redlands will host 182 athletes for 4 days. He reminded us that Eunice (Kennedy) Shriver began the Special Olympics. Internationally this program has become so successful that nearly 200 events a day are held world wide, all associated with this organization. The first Special Olympics World Games was held in Dublin, Ireland 2003. For the first time ESPN will offer live coverage of the LA Games. “Acceptance and Inclusion” are the two goals of the games. Jeff related that Redlands has many volunteers lined up to assist with hosting 154 people from Austria and 24 from Lichtenstein. The Olympic torch will be in Redlands at 11am on the 19th of July. While staying in Redlands the visitors will see sights in Our Town, attend JOE HUDSON’S ’66ers and a performance of “Mary Poppins.” Redlanders are encouraged to take advantage of free tickets and when at the Games cheer loudly for Austria and Lichtenstein. The finale of JEFF’S presentation included a short film of club members cheering and sending greetings to our two visiting countries, part of a one video for 100 days, our being the first to be sent.

We welcome Sade Obanowo, manager of Community Re-

Youth Hope, an update.

The Joint Service Clubs Project is on 25 April from 8am to 1pm. Our own PAT MEYER is the luna for this event. The District Conference is this Saturday, May 18, at Beaumont High School.
The Board Meeting is to be at Security Bank on the 21st. This is a good opportunity for red badgers to get a blue one by seeing the inner workings of the board.

Special NEW Club event. Introduced by PREXY JIM as the “lovely and delightful” JEFF FRAZIER, the Chief detailed the workings of the “Touch A Truck” event on May 30 at the parking lot of Ted Runner stadium, University of Redlands. This event is designed to let people seek out and touch trucks of many types and varieties for diverse uses in our society. He even allowed that one of the co-sponsors is Kiwanis. That’s a first. The “lovely” chief counseled that this is a family event. There will be no truck stop related activities.

RON JEFFREY, impresario of the Wine Maker’s dinner, thanked a number of people, among them CAL BOOTHBY and KEVIN CORREIA. For the editor, this only heightened the expectations of the “big announcement.” Inquiring minds want to know, “How much did we net?”

Heard on the street…. DON MCCUE seen at a San Diego Padres game with a Li- brary trustee in tow. Ask him about the time he wore a Padres jacket into the Dodger’s Stadium Club and the look that came across the face of former Dodger star, Ron Cey…CHRIS WALKER “observing” his birthday at surpris- ingly the Redlands Symphony. Is it possible he knew Mozart?…Say hello and goodby to GRAEMME AUTON who is leaving soon for Salzburg, Austria. There he will teach a class for University of Redlands students. Then on to (with no students) to Florence, Venice, and Rome…ALLAN GRIESEMER is busy with vetting architectural presentations for the new Redlands Historical Museum…DAVE MAUPIN, president of the Redlands Symphony board, addressed the audience at Saturday’s concert. Speaking of the Symphony, SABINE ROBERTSON-PHILLIPS’ father and ZACK TUCKER’S father-in -law, Jon Robertson the esteemed conductor, is retiring next year. BRUCE SATZGER is among the leaders to establish an endowment fund ($1,000,000) to secure the income for the next conductor in the name of maestro Robertson…finally, did you know that BILL HATFIELD is a major sponsor at the ’66ers games?

Here are some tidbits you might have missed from “Facts of the Matter,” one of the regular features in “The Rotarian” magazine:
“The cell phone has been the most quickly adopted consumer technology in history. Ninety-seven percent of U.S. households have mobile phones; 40 percent of them are ‘mobile phone only’ households.”

“Mobile phones contain valuable reusable materials, but less than 10 percent are recycled in the United States. The other 90 percent are worth $5 billion.”

“Ants have existed for more than 100 million years. The largest known ants are only about 2 inches long. Worldwide, the human population is more than 7 billion; the estimated ant population is 10 quadrillion.”

“For many countries, ants represent an abundant food source. In Thailand, a single province can harvest 105 tons of weaver ant larvae in a year, worth about $620,000. The protein content of the larvae is comparable to that of chicken eggs.”

“The word robot was first used to refer to artificial people in Rossum’s Universal Robots, a Czech play that premiered in 1921. The Czech word robota means ‘servitude.’ In the play, the robots serve people until they decide to revolt and wipe out the human race.”

“Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov introduced the Three Laws of Robotics, designed to govern robot-filled worlds. The first law states, ‘A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.’ Over the past 30 years, robots have caused at least 33 workplace deaths and injuries in the United States.”

Facts concerning opportunities taken and lost, unfathomable numbers and unsavory omlettes, drama and irony: all on the pages of your “Rotarian” magazine. Oh, there’s stuff about RI in there, too.

Editor – Larry Burgess – No 38 – 4/16/2015

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