Spoke Newsletter – 04/06/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 04/06/2017


Dear Radiant Redlands Rotarians and friends, our speaker today is Francis P Pepper, ASAC (Assistant Special Agent in Charge) of the DEA Riverside District Office which is responsible for the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino. Frank will be presenting the overall makeup and mission of the DEA, with trends observed, in California and the Inland Empire


Everyone in attendance had their “you know whats” scared off by Christopher Nance, Chief Communications Officer for the California Earthquake Authority. Chris was clear and succinct that the earthquake risk in California (and specifically our region) is real–most Californians live within 30 miles of an active fault and 2,000 faults crisscross the state. Chris encouraged us all to check out www.earthquakeauthority.com and see what they can do for us to get earthquake insurance…a fact I didn’t know was that the deductible amount isn’t needed up front after a claim…rather, the authority will cut you a check MINUS the deductible amount…I’m going to get a high-deductible quote!


this club did it again! A great night was had and everyone on the planning team deserves a toast and a well done! The goal was to net the $40k we need to do so much good through our foundation…thanks to everyone who jumped in to lend a hand and this event does take many hands indeed!


Special recognition last week went to Jerry Bean–he and Brenda were recently honored by the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts Association. Bill Hatfield was also recognized for the award of distinction he and Lori received from the University of Redlands Town and Gown organization. And last but not least, Kevin Correia was recognized for unauthorized trips to St Thomas and San Diego, and it was announced that his nephew went to RYLA.


TOUCH-A-TRUCK – Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the University of Redlands. An affordable, family-friendly community event with tremendous support from private companies. But,we need volunteers!! You get to spend the day watching kids have the time of their life. See JIM NOLIN for details. It will be a Saturday that you will not forget.


With the 32nd Annual Red, Wine, and BREWS behind us now, I want to take a moment to reflect on the successes of this fabulous event! First of all, I have to personally thank our talented, dedicated, and incredibly hard working committee who brought this event to life – Sandi Bentley, Lynn Whitmer, Kevin Correia, Cal Boothby, Mark Heideman, Victoria Marshall, Joseph Kibler, Jane Dreher, Neal Waner, Doug Richardson, Barbara O’Keefe, and Jacqui Lanier.

This year, I was happy (and I know Marvin was even happier) to see a bigger focus put on our incredible local breweries! We even had some delicious craft beer from San Diego and La Quinta join our vendor list, and I loved seeing that aspect of the event really shine! And speaking of vendors, I loved the additions of some of Paso Robles and Napa’s best wineries to the room. I heard so much good feedback from our members and our guests alike about the quality of our vendors this year, so thank you to our A-team for that!

Cheers to another year of raising the big bucks for our many deserving community projects – I’m already looking forward to the fun in store next year!

Editor—Ray Watts, #38, 6 April, 2017

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