Spoke Newsletter – 04/03/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 04/03/2014

KYRA STEWART, the new Executive Director of Family Service Association of Redlands, will present today. Stewart joins FSA after a five year stint at Community Connects’ Nonprofit Resource Center. There, she was involved with capacity building and leading projects related to fund de- velopment. She has recently replaced long time executive di- rector Cheryl Heesen who retired after 17 years.
Did you know that FSA served the needs of over 1500 families in 2013? Can you name the first employee of FSA? And no, it wasn’t LARRY BURGESS…

U.R. Professor W. HUTCHENS gave a recap on the cur- rent economics in China and a view of what we might ex- pect in the near and distant future. A frightful thought that we all incurred was when Professor Hutchens suggested that we remove all items that were made in China. Panic swept through the hall. The professor quickly recanted. The impact of China and the animal that it is will need to be accepted.

RANDOM THOUGHT by the Spoke Editor: Mexico was the leader in imports to the United States in the 60s and 70s. Could India replace China in 2030 or earlier? Just Saying…

NATALIA CHERKAS, an economics student at University of Redlands and Professor GERALD GROSHEK, from said school will discuss the current strife and affairs within the Ukraine.

Programs for 2014 and Beyond
If you have an interesting idea for a program or presentation that can make our group cry, laugh, learn, or keep from falling asleep then our President Elect, JIM NOLIN wants to know. Give him a ring or his Program Chair, JOHN PATTERSON.

Kudos to Co-Chairs, SARAH SILLERS, KEVIN COR- RIEA and the RWB committee for an outstanding job on such a wonderful event. Attendance was great and the wine and beer was flowing throughout the afternoon. Silent and live auction items were a smashing success. The Blind Wine Draw saw two of our own take home the prize wines of the evening. JIM NOLIN and CAL BOOTHBY, many in the club will want to know what you took home. Special Thanks to our auctioneers NEAL WANER and RAY WATTS. Numbers will be released soon. Heard they’re pretty good too. Again, Your Club Thanks You.

JVW Pool
If you haven’t picked your date for the JENNY VANNAT- TER-WRIGHT baby delivery, get a move on it. March dates are gone, losers. April and May are upon us. Pick your date soon. Understand that JENNY is willing to push harder and jump more on certain days if contributors are willing to split the winnings. See JENNY for more details.

ANOTHER RANDOM THOUGHT, A 50/50 drawing for the right date. Hey Peter Pan. STUDENTS OF THE MONTH AJ BEECHKO once again showed us that club members LORI RHODES and SABINE ROBERTSON- PHILLIPS have an outstanding team of teachers and ad- ministrators at Redlands Unified School District. This months winners were MACKENZIE KIRKPATRICK, LORYSSA LAKE, BAILEY QUISHENBERRY, and DYLAN PYLE. There was a couple of Clean Water Lead- ers in the group. Could be a couple of Rotarians in the fu- ture working on clean water projects.

One of the most-obvious measures of success for Red Wine & Blues is the amount of money raised. By the time you’re reading this we should have those numbers. I’ll let the ex- perts analyze how much we raised compared to last year, and why the numbers may be different (if they are). I’d like to focus on other details that caught my eye Saturday night.

A new revenue option was available before you got into the front door. Past-President RAY WATTS was selling cognac and cigars, all donated off course. Fret not fellow Rotarians, there was no smoking inside the venue. But if you were on the patio, one might have caught a hint of the cigar smoke wafting up from below. Revenue diversification, an important element of a successful special event.

Three newspapers interviewed me and many of the guests. To give readers an idea of why someone might join Rotary, I invited them to interview prospective-member Megan Barich. I also introduced them to past-Rotarian Tim Evans. He attends our event every year and represents us well.

The highlight of my evening was meeting former Rotarian Larry Pyle. It was a poignant moment when I mentioned he was supposed to be President this year. He recalled that yes, indeed, this was supposed to be his year. Despite him having to resign for employment reasons, I’m glad he and his wife were able to attend our event this year. He would have made a fine President and I hope he can reengage Ro- tary soon.

Thank you KEVIN CORREIA and SARAH SILLERS for leading your team to the successful conclusion of the 29th Red Wine & Blues!

April 3, 2014 No. 35 Editor: John Patterson

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