Spoke Newsletter – 04/02/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 04/02/2015

“The Redlands Bicycle Classic” by our own PHIL NAMAN

Last Week
Donning his tribal elder robe, DENNIS HANSBERGER, introduced his wife KAREN, a well known physician, who presented an engrossing program on medical conditions in Kenya. KAREN’S illustrated presentation dramatized the considerable but treatable disease and child birth challenges in Kenya. Noting that medical care is an expensive luxury for much of the population, if only clinics and more support staff, along with medical professionals could reach the tens of thousands of pregnant women needing care and advice infant mortality rates could be greatly lessened. The details of the talk were ably presented to a lay audience, and the editor forbears further discussion only because the importance of the message could properly take up the entire SPOKE. All of us should applaud KAREN for her dedication to helping young mothers, and of course, for brining along excellent administrative support staff as in our former Chair of the Board of Supervisors, DENNIS.

Next Week>
Our own JEFF MARTINEZ, will carry forward the macro-picture presented today by PHIL, with a presentation, “Redlands, host city for the Bike Classic.”

Red, Wine, and Blues
For those of you who did not attend, you missed a large crowd of guests who came to enjoy wine and beer, food and conversation, and bidding for the silent auction and live auction items. The weather could not have been better, and the editor is reasonably sure that DAVE WILSON, LYNN WHITMER, and SANDI BENTLEY are relieved that its over but take great satisfaction in the success it will mean for money to our important scholarship program. A lot of happy kids will be better for their college education because of their efforts.

Too many dedicated people to mention now but their names will appear in forthcoming April SPOKE issues. The volunteers from the door greeters to those who displayed the silent auction items, and others who kept the wheels turning behind the scenes, bear witness to service above self. Surely LEROY HANSBERGER should take delight in the success that he and CHUCH ZIILCH created 30 years ago. He was there to enjoy the sunny, salubrious afternoon, seated at the Country Club patio receiving visitors who came to touch the raiment of his garments.

RON JEFFREY’S wine dinner, an important component of our scholarship fund raising, did very well with a capacity crowd of revelers.

Heard on the street…..
LYNN WHITMER is headed off to Tuscany shortly to occupy a villa and rest from the auction. Was a travel permit involved? Guess who showed up a bit late to the RED, WINE, and BLUES, tanned and relaxed from arriving the evening before from a long stay on Maui? BILL HATFIELD. Another travel permit eluding Prexy NOLIN…. By the way, BILL, ask DICK JONES about his recent Fortnightly paper subject. You may want to take a ship next time. Guess who spent a good deal supporting live auction items? JACK BURKE. Clearly, software sales are up. Be aware that MARK HEIDMEN in his official capacity as Club documentarian took many, many photographs of the RW&B event. Who knows how many may already have gone viral. KEITH KASIN is learning about the not-so-innocent intricacies of water shares. Ask him. Overheard at the Rotary table, JACK OSBORN is about to depart on national and international travel, just after University of Redlands commencement this month. Travel permit doesn’t

seem to apply to him because he always has one foot on the tarmac. He was involved in some interesting interviews of potential students. Inquire of him and LORI RHODES about his groundbreaking work.

District Conference on May 15 at the Desert Sands Hotel. NOLIN and BOOTHBY have the secret locations of all the hospitality suites. And, the District Assembly will be on April 18, from 7:30 A.M. to 2:30 P,.M. Some of you “knife and forkers” could use a” brush up” on involvement.

The Joint Service Club Project will take place on April 25th from 8 A.M. until 1 P.M. PAT MEYER is in charge for our Club and has all the pertinent details.

Well, the doors are shut, the wine is corked, the lights are turned out, and Big Bertha has gone home. After many months of preparation and planning, another Red Wine & Blues week has come to a close. I had such a great time, first at the Winemaker Dinner on Monday evening, and then at the actual RW&B event. Judging from the crowd’s comments and laughter at both events, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

My bride, sister, and I showed up about 10 minutes before the published start time on Saturday, and the place was already filling up with wine and beer fans, silent auction bidders, and friends and neighbors. By 4:30, the joint was jumping and there wasn’t an unhappy face in the crowd. We had to leave at 7:30 and the band was still performing for their die-hard fans on the patios.

Big kudos to the prime movers of our week’s celebrations: Ron (and Joyce) Jeffery for the dinner, and Dave Wilson and Sandi Bentley for the RW&B Gala itself. We all know how hard you worked to make this all happen. In the “Many Hands Make Light Work, but It’s Still WORK!” category, we all thank committee members Kevin Correia, Lynda Schauf, Mark Heideman, Jane Dreher, Darwin Barnett, Jack Burke, Cal Boothby, Joseph Kibler, Megan Barich, Victoria Marshall, Barbara O’Keefe, Neal Waner, Zack Tucker, Bruce Satzger, Lynn Whitmer, Phillip Naman, Larry Wormser, John Patterson, and Marvin and Jan Hudson. Let’s not forget “ex-oficio” Lorene Wilson. You each and all had carried your own weight and more besides, and it is gratifying to see so many newer and “seasoned” Rotarians working together to make this massive undertaking a success.

Thanks to the sponsors and underwriters. Thanks to those who donated auction items and those who purchased them. Thanks to Larry Burgess and Nathan Gonzales for shilling the live auction items. Thanks to the Rotaract Club from the U of R for showing up and doing a lot of the “grunt” work. Thanks to the beverage and dessert sponsors and a BIG thanks to the Redlands Country Club for feeding us all so well and allowing us to invade their members’ space.

My guess is that the 30th Red Wine & Blues event will be a financial success as well as a legendary social event in the community calendar. We will use the proceeds to the benefit of our neighbors in town and around the world. It’s nice that the “Party with a Purpose” is still a great party.

Editor – Larry Burgess – No 36 – 4/2/2015

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