Spoke Newsletter – 04/12/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 04/12/2018


Today, Redlands Uni ed School District Superintendent Mauricio Arellano will discuss his observations of our school district. Mr. Arellano was appointed Superintendent of the Redlands Uni ed School District in September of 2017 after an extensive national search. The Redlands Uni ed School District is made up of 21,000 students that reside in the communities of Redlands, Highland, Loma Linda, Mentone and Forest Falls. Prior to his arrival to the Redlands Uni ed School District, Mr. Arellano served as the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources for the Palm Springs Uni ed School District for fourteen years.


Sean Flynn Ph.D., on the faculty of Scripts College and occasional columnist for the Wall Street Journal, discussed the healthcare system of Singapore. This country ranks among the highest in the quality of healthcare yet among the lowest in cost. The US spends 18 percent of GDP on healthcare, among the highest in the world. The average among most industrialized countries is 11 percent. Singapore spends 4.7 percent of their GDP on healthcare, 75 percent less than the US. Yet they are in the top ve in life expectancy in the world, while the US is 48th in the world. A baby born in the US is three times more likely to die than in Singapore. By the way, our defense budget is only 4 percent of our GDP. Think of the money we could save! What’s their secret? There is a menu of prices for services posted in each doctor’s of ce. There is no bartering. The price posted is the price paid. However, each doctor sets the price and should he decide to accept a Groupon for $500 per eye for cataract removal, that’s the price. Each citizen is given a Health Savings Account. If you go over the cap in your HSA, you pay the difference, thus you give people an incentive to shop for the best price. So, this health care system allows for comparison shopping and competition in pricing. Dr. Flynn has given a copy of his research to many politicians, including Senator Ted Cruz. Is there too much money being made in our current healthcare system for someone to actually overcome the medical industry lobby and implement the system used in Singapore?


Our Rotaract students from the University of Redlands will among other things, tell us about Project Propel which is found in the Philippines. They are considering this project for their major fundraiser.


It was great to see club past president (2007-08) KEN STEIN again in our midst. The chill of Oceanside was too much for he and Robin. They are happy to be back in Redlands. Ken’s past president’s badge mysteriously reappeared just as a $100 bill appeared from his wallet.

Welcome to new member JOE AMLANI (pronounced am-lan-ee) who was sponsored by SANDI BENTLEY. He was introduced to Rotary by his father who is a member of the Colton Rotary Club. He has a passion for children with disabilities. If you need insurance, he could be your man as he is a State Farm Insurance agent. He is married to Jessica who is a teacher. They have three children ages 9,11 and 16.

Mark your calendar for the 10th Annual Community Day of Service! On Saturday, April 28, we will join Pat Meyer for a bit of tree planting on 5th Avenue by Moore Middle School.

JACQUI LANIER reminds us that from now on, the Red, Wine and Brews Committee will be meeting every Monday at 6 p.m. at Hudson Realty on 127 East State Street. She is looking for

gift baskets, gift certi cates and very ne bottles of wine for the opportunity auction. She reminded us that the committee is seeking sponsors from local businesses outside our club membership. Shoot Jacqui an email with the business and she will send them a sponsorship letter.

Please see JIM NOLIN if you own a Monster Truck, but you must be available on June 9th to display the beast at Touch-a-Truck. (He actually wants to drive it himself, now who is the child here?!)

Attention April Birthday Rotarians: please meet after club today in the back of the room. President AJB has threatened large nes if there is any birthday funny business again this year. Who does he think he is talking to???


“If you are not a liberal at twenty you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at forty you have no brain”


1. Create a word chain of five words in which each word begins with the last letter of the previous word.

2. Say the letters of the alphabet backwards starting with L and ending with A

3. Say the letters of the word “peppermint” by starting with the first letter, then the last letter, then the second letter, then second to the last letter, etc.


This weekend is very important for each of us, our children and grandchildren. Saturday, April 14th will be the rst ever “RescuIE” symposium, designed to educate the public on the risks our children face every day. Today I would like to dedicate my small section of our newsletter to the men and women that had the vision and saw the need to make this happen.

As we say all year long, Rotary has always been service above self. There are a number of individuals that truly exemplify this concept.

If my memory is correct, the issue of human traf cking came to light when our past president JAN HUDSON attended the Rotary International Conference and became aware of this issue during the meeting. When she returned, she told the board that one of her goals was to raise awareness on this issue during her term. She delivered when she invited OPAL SINGLETON to speak to our club on the subject. From that point you could see the re in DAVE MAUPIN’s eyes when he envisioned doing more. So last July, DAVE announced that he would be forming an exploratory group to see if there was any interest in expanding the topic. Joining the group were Rotarians such as KYRA STEWART, JACK BURK, JOHN MILLS, LEW NELSON, BEVERLY NOERR, KIM CLARK, JIM NOLAN, and JANE DREHER. There were even outside community leaders participating. I am sure that there are some Rotarians that I have forgot to mention, and for that I apologize. Under the leadership of DAVE MAUPIN this program has taken shape into a comprehensive symposium. There has been advertising on the radio, newspaper, online, and I am sure that this educational event will be a “huge” success.

For each of the Rotarians mentions, and to those who I missed, a big THANK YOU for your commitment and putting service above self. I can only imagine the amount of work it has taken to date. You should be proud of your accomplishment, and we are proud of you.

Editor – Christopher Walker – Edition No. 40, April 12, 2018

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