Spoke Newsletter – 03/30/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 03/30/2017


GLEN POMEROY will be talking today to us about the California Earthquake Authority. Taken directly out of their website, California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is one of the world’s largest providers of residential earthquake insurance. They encourage California homeowners and renters to reduce their risk of earthquake damage and loss through earthquake risk and preparedness education, mitigation, and residential earthquake insurance policies that help repair and rebuild damaged homes, and replace valuables and personal belongings. CEA • Not for profit • Privately funded • Publicly managed • Not tied to the state budget What’s more, CEA is financially strong, with total claim-paying ability exceeding $14 billion. CEA policies are sold and serviced by our participating insurance companies (PIs). To learn more about the earthquake insurance policies we offer and how to buy, contact your residential insurance agent or them directly.


STEFAN GEPHART spoke on all the different types of massage’s available to the consumer. He reviewed each one in detail including his specialty, “medical messages.” He also told us to be careful about people making claims that are not supported. Although a massage is not a panacea for everything, it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension, and can prep you for a fun evening at RED WINE AND BREWS.


Thank you VICTORI MARSHALL and STEFAN GEPHART for spearheading RYLA. This year there are two camps with 250 students attending. It is the hope that soon there will be three (3) sessions. One more note is that our club sponsored 10 students, well done. However, the Breakfast Club sponsored 11 students. Maybe next year we increase our sponsorship. But remember, we can only do this through our fundraising like RED WINE AND BREWS!


RED WINE & BREWS APRIL 1, 2017 (Really???) – HEY, THIS IS IT, THIS SATURDAY IS THE 32nd RW&B event. No fooling! SELL TICKETS…SELL TICKETS…SELL TICKETS. Remember the money raised go to programs like Rising Stars, Ryla, and Student of the Month. Or, consider sponsorship. This is the best way to get into the VIP room and drink some fine wine. Remember, IMPERIAL SPONSORS ☑ $1500; DOUBLE MAGNIM SPONSOR ☑ $1,000; MAGNUM SPONSOR ☑ $500; AND VIP SPONSOR ☑$300. Also, please sell tickets. Even if it is for your own attendance. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED FOR THE EVENT. We will be sending a signup sheet around this meeting. Lastly, don’t forget your Basket

TOUCH-A-TRUCK – Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the University of Redlands. An affordable, family-friendly community event with tremendous support from private companies. But,we need volunteers!! You get to spend the day watching kids have the time of their life. See JIM NOLIN for details. It will be a Saturday that you will not forget

QUOTABLE QUOTE (I like these) – You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny. Stephen Hawking

MEMBERSHIP MINUTES – I hear JOHN PATTERSON is a grandfather…. congratulations JOHN. You need to ask him how he keeps his youthful appearance. Also LYNDA SCHAUF continues to push RED WINE AND BREWS on Facebook from far off places somewhere in Europe..boy that will cost her.


Happy Thursday Rotarians! For the final week in celebrating Women in Rotary for Women in History Month I decided to focus on one of our own! Shirley Harry! The following is a compilation information from fellow club members: Shirley joined Rotary in 1989 being sponsored by past Rotarian Bill Solberg. Shirley served as club President in 2000-2001 stepping in for Stan Weisser who had to finish selling his chain of pharmacies. Stan would follow Shirley as President in 2001-2002.

As Shirley served as President between Larry Burgess and Stan Weisser …a most daunting task! She understood there was some club resistance to a woman President – only Carol Beswick had held the position prior to Shirley.

So… she decided that she needed a strong entrance demonstrating her sense of humor, style, and ability to play with the boys. She dressed in a white suit (likely a nod to the Suffragettes) hired the Fife and Drum Corp from the Redlands 4th of July Band which played a tune as she entered the room; thus, ushering in the second female president for Rotary Club of Redlands.

Shirley, one of the club’s earliest women members, notes that Rotary was struggling prior to opening the membership to women and that perhaps the involvement of women has saved Rotary and consequently all the tremendous work/projects which we are all so passionate about.

It is believed she has had perfect attendance, always!

Shirley has a deep passion for Rotary and you find that out when you first meet her. Her passion for the Rotary Foundation being able to put your donations to work worldwide is what first captivated me to learn more about Rotary International.

Shirley’s other passion is art. Shirley as president and for many years after had a dream to have a Rotary Art Festival along with our Wine Extravaganza (Now Red, wine, & Brews) I think it fell on deaf ears with our boards but Shirley finally saw her dream come true with the Redlands Art Festival which is held over Memorial Day weekend annually now. You will find many Rotarians helping Shirley with the event.

Just a side note that her passion for art lead to her opening an Art studio on Citrus for a period. She rented space from our own Lynda Schauf. She is an awesome ambassador for the club and what we do, still participates in service projects and a generous donor of her time, talent and treasure

Editor – AJ Beechko – No 37 – 30 March 2017

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