Spoke Newsletter – 03/27/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 03/27/2014

U. R. Professor Walter Hutchens will present today on, “Why China?” Walter joined the faculty of the University of Redlands in January 2013 as the inaugural holder of the University Endowed Chair in Global Business. He holds a J.D. and an M.A. in East Asian Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. In addition, he worked for a major New York City law firm and served several years in Beijing, China. He is fluent in Mandarin. After more than a decade of teaching in American business schools, his teaching port- folio includes courses on the global, legal and political environments of business as well as doing business with China.

Last Week
Erin Murphy, UR Global Business major, and President of the Uni- versity of Redlands Rotaract Club, updated our members on Ro- taract’s activities over the past year. The University of Redlands’ Rotaract Club has been active on campus since January 2011 and is affiliated with both the Redlands’ Rotary and Redlands’ Sunrise Ro- tary clubs. Each calendar year they select an international service or- ganization to support through their fundraising efforts. For the 2014 calendar year, the club has focused its energies on fundraising for a nonprofit based in Irvine, California entitled Free Wheelchair Mis- sion. Free Wheelchair Mission is an international organization ded- icated to providing wheelchairs for the impoverished disabled people of developing nations. Free Wheelchair Mission has donated roughly 600,000 wheelchairs to date.

Next Week
Natalia Cherkas and Jerry Groshek will be speaking on recent de- velopments in the Ukraine.

Red, Wine and Blues
Sarah Sillers and her marvelous committee are working down to the wire in preparation for this Saturday, March 29th, 4 – 7 p.m. at the Redlands Country Club. Don’t miss a rousing time of wine tast- ing, good food, great music and and live and silent auction bargains, with the proceeds all going to support scholarships for students of
the Redlands Unified School District.

Tech Support
The “J Brothers”, also known as John Patterson, Jim Pinder and Jim Nolin, will be presenting a free mini-seminar for members only next Thursday, April 3 at 11:55 a.m. at club on the correct use of GPS navigational units in automobiles. All are invited to attend.
Ask any of the three for reservations.

Wine Dinner
Ron and Joyce Jeffries again presided over another highly success- ful Rotary Wine Dinner held at the Farm Restaurant. While dining on Lobster Bisque, Pork Ravioli, Lamb Chops and Smoked Roast Beef, Rotarians were treated to a sampling of the wines of Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to Ron and Joyce, John and Myra Pat- terson, Kevin and Drew Correia and Jim and Vicki Watson for their generous underwriting of the event.

The Greatest Sporting Event I Ever Attended….
“was seeing the Miami Dolphins, for whom I was a big fan in the 70s, complete their perfect 17-0 season by beating the Washington Redskins at the Coliseum in Super Bowl VII. I was only 15 and had been devastated the previous January when the Dolphins lost badly 24-3 to the Cowboys in Super Bowl VI. My late father scored two tickets by writing the NFL about his son’s disappointment and NFL VP Jim Kensill shockingly responded by getting us not just any tickets but two on the 50 yard line! Actor Tony Franciosa and US Sen. Ed Muskie were a couple of seats away..” Don McCue

Time for a Car Wash?
Our own UR Rotarct Club is having a fundraising car wash this Sat- urday, March 29th from 9 AM- 1PM at Hatfield Buick in Redlands. Drive off Bill’s lot with a very clean car and a smile on your face after supporting these worthy students! Bill will also see to it that you drive off with a very clean car and a smile on your face should be shopping for a new car!

To Serum or Not to Serum?
That is the question! It’s simply a matter of cell nutrition and turnover. Serum is typically a way to provide nutrition to the deeper layers of the skin. A great example would be isolating two ingredi- ents, Glycolic Acid & Vitamin C. They are known for their ability to smooth the skin’s surface and reduce imperfections, like rough texture, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This type of serum is also widely used to treat sun damage and aging skin. By using a serum containing these ingredients along with a great SPF, you can achieve a healthier complexion. Courtesy of Sandi Bentley

Breakfast and a Book
Don’t forget the next breakfast and a book session Thursday April 3rd at Lugonia Elementary School at 7:00 a.m. Join Florin Rominu, Jim Nolan and Jan Sherman in presenting their best read- ing skills to these excited young children! Florin adds, “thanks to all those distributing dictionaries”

Dancing Up A Storm
If one were to have stopped by the Redlands Country Club last Sat- urday night, one could have seen Ron and Joyce Jeffries, John and Myra Patterson, Marvin and Jan Hudson, Pat and Anne Marie Meyer and Ed and Linda Malesky tripping the light fantastic to the dulcet tones of the Watson 5 starring Jim on vocals.

March Truly Was Mad…….
There is no truth to the rumor that the FBI paid a visit to Bob Hodges home last week. It was reported that an email of question- able content was send from Bob’s computer to Coach K of the Duke Blue Devils concerning their performance in March Madness.

When the time arrives, Rotarians step up to the plate and deliver. The two second-grade students that John and Lisa Mills brought pitched their Kids Against Hunger project and we contributed $490. I don’t know if that is $490 net, though, as it cost John a $100 fine. Marvin and Jan Hudson held a drawing to raise money for the wine raffle at Red Wine & Blues. The prizes were a $150 gift card from Sandi Bentley and salon services from Todd Hamilton Salon. ALL of their tickets sold, providing $278 to John Patterson to buy more $50+ bottles of wine. And let’s not forget “Grand Theft Rotarian”. For starting up a new hospice company in Corona, Florin Rominu got to contribute $1,000 to Red Wine & Blues as a sponsorship.
As you can see, we’re a group of volunteers that get it done. It is no wonder that Ron Jeffrey has successfully led his Membership Com- mittee such that we are now the largest Club in District 5330. Peo- ple want to be a part of something successful. Rotary Club of Redlands is the winning team!

March 27, 2014 No. 34 Editor: Chris Walker

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