Spoke Newsletter – 03/23/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 03/23/2017


will be presenting us with the Benefits of a Massage. Ok don’t take my word for it. Stealing information from the website of the Mayo Clinic, they say a massage is increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension, and can prep you for a fun evening

RED WINE AND BREWS. While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, some studies have found massage may also be helpful for: Anxiety (from being fined at Rotary); Digestive disorders; Fibromyalgia; Headaches; Insomnia related to stress; Myofascial pain syndrome (whatever that is); Soft tissue strains or injuries; Sports injuries (from STAN WEISSER running the marathon); Temporomandibular joint pain (clenching your jaw every time you hear JIM NOLAN speak).

Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection. We should all try this to make us more loving and caring human beings…….


CAL BOOTHBY gave a very informative and comprehensive talk on the financial strength of our organization. CAL spoke in detail on both the Club budget and the Foundation budget. One of the key takeaways was that we need around 100 members to cover our food costs without an increase. We also saw a detailed breakdown as to where we spend our money. This was very enlightening. BUT REMEMBER, WITHOUT FUNDRAISING LIKE RED WINE AND BREWS, we won’t have the funds for our programs. If any of you want to see the presentation again, I am sure that CAL would be happy to share it with you. We are very lucky to have CAL BOOTHBY as our club Treasurer. We thank him for his service.


We were very pleased to have members of the Zonta Club, LONDA CARTER (President) and TINA UNDERWOOD, JOIN us last week as we (DAVE MAUPIN) presented them with a check to match their fundraising efforts for their work to combat Human Trafficking. Of course, our matching grant was made possible through our fundraising like RED WINE AND BREWS. For those who do not know, the Zonta Club was established in 1919 for professional women empowering them through service and advocacy. Their vision is a world in which women’s rights are recognized as human rights and every woman can achieve her full potential. In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making position s on an equal basis with men. In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.


a special rotary thank youLast week JACK OSBORN handed out the Rotary International Graduate Overseas Scholarships listing from the University of Redlands. PROFESSOR OSBORN continues to spearhead this project and reported that this club has awarded a total of $447K for these scholarships since its inception in 2001. Part of which was made available through our fundraising programs like RED WINE AND BREWS. This year, through the efforts of JACK, we awarded study abroad scholarships to Jacob Khuri who will be studying at the Imperial College London, UK, and Nichole Neiman who will be attending the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Thank you, JACK OSBORN, for the work you do.


announced that Bethany Church at 705 Cajon Street, Redlands, will be holding a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, March 25, 8:00-11:00 am. All proceeds will go to The Blessing Center for community dinners. All donations will help eliminate hunger…one plate at a time.


RED WINE & BREWS APRIL 1, 2017 (Really???) – HEY, WE GOT ONE (1) MORE WEEK BEFORE THE 32nd RW&B event. We are down to the wire. No fooling! We also need help with ticket sales. Remember the money raised go to programs like Rising Stars and Student of the Month. Or, consider sponsorship. This is the best way to get into the VIP room and drink some fine wine. Remember, IMPERIAL SPONSORS ☑ $1500; DOUBLE MAGNIM SPONSOR ☑ $1,000; MAGNUM SPONSOR ☑ $500; AND VIP SPONSOR ☑$300. Also, please sell tickets. Even if it is for your own attendance. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED FOR THE EVENT. We will be sending a signup sheet around this meeting. Lastly, don’t forget your Basket


I am sure that RON JEFFREY will tell everyone what a wonderful meal was had by all which will be a dig to all of you that missed it.


Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the University of Redlands. An affordable, family-friendly community event with tremendous support from private companies. But,we need volunteers!! You get to spend the day watching kids have the time of their life. See JIM NOLIN for details. It will be a Saturday that you will not forget

QUOTABLE QUOTE (this week 2) –

If we cannot end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for Diversity. John F. Kennedy Whoever is careless with the truth in smaller matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein


No dirt on anyone this week. I got nothing from my wiretaps or my special Samsung TV’s. Even the Russians aren’t cooperating. If anyone has anything, could you please forward it to me for my last Spoke next week. Thanks


Happy Thursday Rotarians! Sylvia Whitlock had no intention of making history when she was invited to join the Rotary Club of Duarte. When she became the first female Rotary Club president in 1987 after the California club’s 11year legal battle with Rotary International to admit women, she became the symbol of women’s equality to Rotarians the world over “I didn’t do this; I was just there,” Whitlock said. “But now I stand for something. The biggest job that I have is to represent Rotary with integrity.” In 1982, Sylvia, a school principal, was introduced to Rotary by Richard Key, Duarte’s Superintendent of Schools and President of the Duarte Club at the time. “Richard thought with all the women principals and women administrators, he could increase the club’s membership by inviting women to join. It was not a woman’s issue; it was a membership issue. Sylvia considers Rotary to be the best vehicle she knows for humanitarian ventures in service to mankind. Another wonderful woman to celebrate during “Womens History Month”!

Editor – AJ Beechko – No 36 – 23 March 2017

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