Spoke Newsletter – 03/19/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 03/19/2015

Darwin Barnett, executive director of the East Valley YMCA, will speak to us concerning the 75th year celebration of the Y Circus in our community. After the meeting, Darwin will be auditioning club members in the back of the room for the new Senior Y Circus which will be performing for the first time this fall at the Purple Turtles Christmas party..

Last Week
Our crack Red, Wine and Blues team brought the club up to date on the plans for our forthcoming event at the Redlands Country Club. The team competition continues to be fierce: After a great start, it appears that the Blue Nuns hit the afterburners but sadly have flamed out. The names of two members of the Two Buck Chucks were submitted to the club BOD for donating $10 bottles of wine instead of the required $50 bottles. They were overheard saying that the Screaming Eagles wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway. Word to this writer suggests that the Barefoot Boys were in the vineyard with the Barefoot Girls drinking wine and having fun and forgot about Red, Wine and Blues. (Spoke policy does not permit further information about the fun).

Next Week
Dennis and Karen Hansberger will speak to the club concerning their recent trip to Africa where they were active in providing medical aid for women.

The Best from Chef Steve
Today Steve and his friends will be serving a sumptuous repast of spaghetti a la carbonara, caesar salad and garlic bread topped off with cannolis for dessert.

Rumors Heard Around Redlands
Our illustrious president Jim Nolin is off to Gardnerville, Nevada and beautiful Lake Tahoe with his lovely wife Jo for a week of well deserved respite from the club. We will only have salad for lunch today as Pres Jim took all the rest of the lunch money to see if he couldn’t really increase the club’s scholarship fund at the Tahoe casinos. The board of directors held a lottery to determine who would lead today’s meeting. Word to this writer is that Nathan Gonzales lost.

It appears that our own Wayne Scott’s time is Redlands maybe coming to a close. The Hollywood Bowl is in top secret negotiations trying to lure Wayne to a life of leisure with the stars as the artistic director of the Hollywood Bowl.

Rumor has it that Lynn Whitmer is in the running for the Energizer Bunny National Award to be presented by President Obama at the Tony Awards in NYC later this year. It is said she gets more done in an hour than most other people get done all day!

Neiman-Marcus recently announced that our own Martha Green will be designing and making a line of upper end baked goods for their Fashion Island store. One of the cookies is designed after the City of Redlands Crest.

It’s that time! Bob Hodges will be filling out his brackets for the March Madness Fantasy pool again this year. When asked to help out club members with some inside information, he said to look for Kentucky to win their first game.

Quote of the Week
The best way to forget your own problems is to help someone else solve theirs.

Who Knew??
Which of the following statements is false? 1. Anteaters are the only mammals without any teeth. 2. An elephant only sleeps about 2 hours a day. 3. Cats have 32 muscles in each ear.

Name an animal for each letter of the alphabet from A to G.

It should come as no surprise that Rotary began in the United States. As far back as the early 19th Century, Tocqueville noted that through voluntary associations, the coming together of people for mutual purpose, Americans are able to overcome selfish desires, making both a self-conscious and active political society and a vibrant civil society functioning according to political and civil laws of the state.

In the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, the Founders outlined the reason why our nation was created, the purpose of its existence, and what it stood for in the society of man and other nations. For the first time in centuries, the rights of individuals were presumed to come from something other than royalty, and since that time, this nation has promoted individual liberty and community action as a means to benefit the collective. The world is a better, freer, healthier place because of the Americans of all walks of life who have acted on the principles outlined in the founding documents of this country.

Similarly, as Rotary has evolved through the beginning of the 20th Century through today, the Object of Rotary, the 4-Way Test, and the Motto and Avenues of Service “Above Self” have functioned to codify why Rotary exists, outline what it stands for, and provide a framework by which likeminded individuals from all walks of life may to come together as free men and women to improve the lives of all. As it is with the U.S.A., the world is a much better, freer, and healthier place because of Rotary and we Rotarians. We should embrace our fellow Rotarians around the world as well as appreciate that it was Americans who gave birth to our selfless and vibrant organization.

Editor – Chris Walker – No 34 –3/19/2015

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