Spoke Newsletter – 03/13/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 03/13/2014

We will be joined by James Ramos, San Bernardino County Supervisor
for the 3rd District. He will discuss what’s going on in the county
and with the rail link to Redlands.

Last Week
Mike Ramos, District Attorney for San Bernadino County, updated
us on several of his initiatives. His initiative to stop the human trafficking
of young girls continues. It has become more important as
gangs are now kidnapping young female minors and putting them
to work for as much as $1000 a day. His “Stop The John” website,
listing names, pictures and birthdates of men convicted of soliciting
has resulted in a significant decrease in that crime. Another of his
initiatives is the Crime Against Peace Officers Taskforce which prosecutes
assault and petty crimes again law enforcement officers. Two
thousand cases were initiated this year. He further discussed the cost
to the county of prison realignment which moves state criminals
to county prisons. More recently he discussed with Governor Brown
the impending release of life sentence felons who are regarded as too
sick to further harm society. DA Ramos strongly objects to this policy.
Finally, he discussed the Death Penalty Referendum coming up
on the November ballot. He is strongly in favor of it as it reduces appeals
for death penalty convictions from 30 years to 5 years and
would require such prisoners to be treated as any other prisoner in
the state penal system.

Next Week
Members of our outstanding University of Redlands Rotaract Cub
advised by Jack Osborn and Bob Heinze will join us for lunch and
then update us on their fundraising for nonprofit organizations.
This will be the third year in a row that they have raised $ 10,000
for their chosen organization.

Dictionary Distributions in March!!
Florin Rominu reminded us that the Rotary Club of Redlands Dictionary
Distribution program to 3rd grade students in the RUSD
will be conducted from March 24 to the 31st. He is looking for
two volunteers per school. Please see him at today’s meeting to finalize
your school and date.

Red Wine and Blues
Ray Watts noted last Thursday that Red Wine and Blues began in
1985,” before most of us were born”, under the leadership of Rotarians
Chuck Zilch and Leroy Hansberger. For 29 years it has been
an outstanding event that has raised in total 1.2 million dollars in
scholarships for Redlands students. This year will be no exception.
So let’s get those tickets sold, and get those $50 bottles of wine to
John Patterson. Sarah Sillers and Sean Lugo are still looking for
event underwriters, a great opportunity for any business.

District Assembly
President Elect Jim Nolin is asking for the club faithful to join him
at the District Assembly, Saturday, April 12, at our own Citrus Valley
High School. You will get educated and will have fun, and hear
one of the most dynamic inspirational speakers you’ll find in Rotary,
Amanda Wirtz. Don’t miss this great event, right in our back yard!

Redlands Club of Redlands is # 1 in District 5330
Kudos to Ron Jeffrey, Director Guide for Membership. The Rotary
Club of Redlands is now the District’s largest club with 102 members
surpassing the Rotary Club of Corona who has 101. Redlands
has now tied Palm Desert with 10 new members as of Feb 28.

Wine Maker’s Dinner
Ron “The Bull” Jeffrey is asking nicely if those who have made
reservations for this year’s Rotary Wine Maker’s Dinner will please
get him a check or cash this week. Those who do not heed Ron’s request
will likely find out how he got that nickname. The dinner will
be held at the Farm on March 24. Tickets may still be available for
the privileged few.

Let’s Eat
Those outstanding Rotary lunches you have been eating for the last
two years have been prepared by Steve Petrero. He reports he has
been cooking for 40 years, from Hawaii to the Florida Keys, from
Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C. Cooking is his vocation,
but baking is his passion. For those of you with parties coming up,
Steve’s new catering van will be just what you need to have an amazing
meal for your guests. His long term goal is to have his own Bed
and Breakfast. His able assistants are Andrew Haigh and David

Health Tips from Sandi
Use a proper Skin Care Cleanser, a Shuzh (pronounced Shooo-zgch,
to be exact, a technical term. Bar soap or shower gel is “NOT ACCEPTABLE”
to be used on your face! You have at least 66 follicles/
pores per square inch on this baby, and it needs to be properly
cleansed. Cleanse with a proper cleanser for at least 1 minute with
your “god-given” hands and your loved ones will take notice immediately.

Do Some Thinking!
Name 4 activities that begin with S that people often do on vacation.

Hotdogs, Beer and Waikiki
A certain member of our club has been on a sports barnstorming
tour of sorts taking in some Arizona Cactus League baseball and
some Desert League tennis in Indian Wells at the BNP Paribas
Open. Another member is returning this week from a wild time in
Hawaii. Mr. President – here is some easy fine money for you!

The time has come, fellow Rotarians, to push hard and make Red
Wine & Blues the success it has been for the past 28 years. This is
our signature event, our bread and butter, what we use to fund the
majority of our projects throughout the year. The funds we raised
from the car raffle will be used for scholarships this year. The money
we raise in two weeks will be used to fund scholarships during President-
Elect Jim Nolin’s year.

We all heard the passionate speech from Ray Watts last week. Let’s
make a conscious effort to donate a bottle of $50+ wine, put together
a gift basket, and sell tickets. Our Club has never been
stronger than it is now with 102 members and an influx of new, energetic
Rotarians. We stake our reputation on this event, and the
young people of Redlands are counting on us to not just do the
usual, but to exceed all expectations.

March 13, 2014 No. 32 Editor: Chris Walker

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