Spoke Newsletter – 03/06/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 03/06/2014

We welcome San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos
who will give the club an update on his battle against gangs and how
he is strengthen his ongoing fight against human trafficking.

Last Week
Sheriff John McMahon from the San Bernardino County Sheriff ’s
Department reported on changes in the county since his appointment
in December 2012. The sheriff discussed consolidation of all
air resources of the Sheriff ’s Office to the San Bernardino International
Airport where they have a full service bay and 24 hour fuel
availability. He then went on to discuss the challenges of housing
state inmates in the county prisons who have committed crimes
not considered to be of a serious, violent or sexual nature. He has focused
on programming which allows these inmates to receive training
in auto maintenance and fire suppression, two areas where
employers will hire those with a criminal record. In addition he discussed
programs using interns from CSUSB which unite inmates
with their families in an effort to teach the inmates life and parenting
skills. Such programs reduce the overall recidivism rate in the
county. He further discussed changes in crime rates in the past two
years in which overall crime rate in the county has gone down as the
economy has gone up.

Next Week
As we speak, our program chair Larry Burgess is questioning patrons
of the Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in an attempt
to explore the bars of Waikiki for material for an upcoming program
called, The Best Martinis on Waikiki. Fortunately, members of our
outstanding Rotaract Cub advised by Jack Osborn and Bob Heinze
will join us next week for lunch and then update us on their
fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

New Rotarians
Ron Jeffrey continues to pursue interesting and successful Inland
Empire employers who would make good Rotarians. Give some
thought to acquaintances that you might know and could suggest to

Dictionary Distributions in March!!
Florin Rominu reminded us that the Redlands Rotary Club Dictionary
Distribution to 3rd grade students in the RUSD is right
around the corner. He is having a work party to put Rotary labels
on the inside of the dictionaries on Thursday, March 13 at 6 p.m.
at his home. Wine will be served. He reports that there is no truth
to the rumor that a number of labels were put in upside down at last
year’s work party, so this year’s workers will be limited to two glasses
of wine each.

Red, Wine and Blues
Sarah Sillers reminds us all that there are only 4 weeks to go before
Saturday, March 29th, 4 – 7 p.m. at the Redlands Country Club. Be
sure and pick up tickets at club today and start selling them to your
friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Posters for your business windows
and flyers for your counters are also available.

The Gala
The 8th Quadrennial A.K.Smiley Library Gala was held last Saturday.
Among those enjoying the festivities were Rotarians Larry
Burgess, Nathan Gonzales, Don McCue, Dave Maupin, Jeff Frazier,
Jerry Bean, Martha Green, Bill Hatfield, Shirley Harry, Ron
Jeffrey, Sean Lugo, Bill McCalmon, Sabine Robertson-Philips,
Zack Tucker, Neal Waner, Ray Watts and Stan Weisser. Redlands
Police early in the evening discovered a Speakeasy on the library
premises. Two of the above Rotarians, who will remain nameless for
their own protection lest they wind up at the bottom of the Sankey
wearing cement overshoes, crashed the Speakeasy in a search for hard

Rotary Leadership Institute
President Elect Jim Nolan reports “fines will be going up in the club
next year” if he is the only Redland’s Rotarian to attend the Rotary
Leadership Institute (“RLI”), March 22, in Lake Elsinore. “Stale
muffins for breakfast, Subway sandwiches for lunch, and a lot of
good stuff in between”. If you’re a newer Rotarian, you should go .If
you already know everything about Rotary, you MUST go! See Jim
for details.

Memory Work
Name 5 great inventions from the last hundred years in chronological
Health Tips for that Good Group of Rich, Old Rotarians
Use Sun Protection at an “SPF 30” rating or slightly higher! Just because
the number rating on the packaging is 50 or larger does not
mean that it is the best for your face! Look at the active ingredients.
The actives should be: Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide – if you
can’t pronounce it don’t use it! By using sunscreen daily, you will
ward off the threats of UV ray’s causing age/disease of the skin!
(Courtesy of Sandi Bentley)

Did everyone notice the crowd of new faces at Ron Jeffrey’s table?
It’s good to see so many guests each week. It was also fun to hand
out blue badges last week. There’s only a few more red badges in our
midst that need an upgrade. Although having lots of red badges in
the audience can also mean lots of new members. Keep bringing
guests and introducing your friends, family, and colleagues to Rotary.
Membership is the responsibility of everyone.
Two weeks ago I was at PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar)
with your President-Elect Jim Nolin. He has some good ideas to
promote our Club and keep the community informed of our
progress. I can’t wait to hear the details. And congratulations to
Cheryl Riggs on joining the Board of Directors. Her non-profit experience,
creativity, and passion for service will be very helpful.
The District Governor for next year, Shab El Awar, has as much energy
for Rotary as anyone I’ve met. We were in Africa together in
2009 to vaccinate children for Polio. My only question about his
leadership is the silly hats he wears from time to time. Anyone wearing
a hat up front should have their leadership skills questioned……

March 6, 2014 No. 31 Editor: Chris Walker

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