Spoke Newsletter – 03/08/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 03/08/2018


Today’s program is not to be missed by any Rotarian. Strokes are a leading cause of death and long term disability in our nation. Gayle Belardo of Redlands Community Hospital’s Stroke Center will be discussing what to look for and what the next steps are in diagnosis and recovery. We are fortunate to have a designated stroke center in our backyard!


Wowza!! Rotarians know how to turn words into action! DAVE MAUPIN and BEVERLY NOERR spoke about the April 14th Rotary-sponsored Symposium on Human Traf cking. It was both moving and eye opening. Among other acronyms, we learned that PIR in text-language means “Parent In Room”…while this situation isn’t new among teens, the rami cations in today’s world may be quite different than when we were kids. For more info on our club’s newest focus go to: www.RescueIE.org

JIM NOLIN and CHIEF JEFF FRAZIER spoke of our club’s upcoming fantabulous family-friendly Touch-a-Truck event onJune9th from9a.m.–2p.m.Didyouknowthe rst11⁄2 hrs of the event is dubbed “quiet hour”?? Not only is this nice for neighbors sleeping in, it is truly designed for the children that might be over-sensitive to noise. What a great outreach! Big draws always include helicopters, beach ball drop, earthquake simulator and the hurse, of all things. This event wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of many agencies, a little friendly rivalry, and local businesses that just want to do something wonderful. Don’t be left out! This is guaranteed to make you smile. Half of the proceeds will go to the YMCA’s Safety and Water Program. Go Rotary!!

Last, but not least…the event that “greases all the wheels” and makes for some good, clean fun with adult beverages… RED WINE AND BREWS! ESRI Café is the new venue and May 12 is the new date. It’s competition time. Watch out! The, Half-Crocked Hat elds are well on their way to winning the team competition in Club…but maybe I’m biased. 😉

Did you know JACQUI used to be a Sous Chef? Winning team gets a fancy lunch served at club. We’ll let the others “Eat cake!” Lot’s to live up to, my friends. This annual event grosses $60,000 each year and nets between $35,000 – $40,000. Bring in the sponsors – think outside the club.


Dianna Lawson executive director of Mansion Memories will share moments that empower and inspire families to overcome obstacles and nd the silver lining.



MARK HEIDEMAN’S son, Elwyn, is home from the hospital. Sandi has started a “mealtrain” to help out Mark and save some time in the kitchen. See Sandi for details and schedule.

WINEMAKER DINNER – Pay the piper!! Time to clear your little WMD debt. See Cal today.

WMD Vitals – Mission Gables 6 p.m. – be there!
There was a Kiwanian Sighting at lunch…Steve Stockton was not here to speak about water or the museum. Was this a missed membership recruitment opportunity?


Every spring we focus on some key fundraising events that contribute to scholarships and other programs like the dictionary project, breakfast and a book, Christmas parties etc. Since I became a member, our most important event has been “Red Wine & Blues.” Several years back we were at the Orton Center with donated food and wine. The music was a jazz band, and we packed the center. The problem was, we would occasionally run out of food.

As the years have passed, we have tried other venues and food options: but attendance has seemed to be a bit sluggish. In fact, last summer, there was conversations that broached the idea of stopping the Red Wine & Blues if we can’t kick it up a notch. Then came JACQUI LANIER. This year JACQUI brought new life in to this very important fundraiser. We have a new venue, multiple bands, great food, but most importantly the best wine, beer and some other spirits that you will really enjoy. Plus, we are looking forward to some exciting auction items.

But as CAL BOOTHBY pointed out, our club members alone should not support this event. We really need each of you to bring friends and family to the event. We also need sponsors form outside our club as well as inside. So, if you have contacts with outside businesses, and associations, ask them for any amount of sponsorship. We will make sure that their names are displayed prominently.

Let’s make this year the best Red Wine & Brews ever. JACQUI can’t do it alone, we need everyone to step up and lend a hand with guests and sponsorship. This is for the kids and “Service Above Self.”

Editor – Lynn Whitmer – Edition No. 35, March 8, 2018

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