Spoke Newsletter – 02/27/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 02/27/2014

Sheriff JOHN MCMAHON from the San Bernardino
County Sheriff ’s Department will enlighten the club
about law enforcement in our county. He leads a department
of nearly 1,700 sworn deputies, more than 1,400
professional employees, and 1,800 volunteers with an annual
budget of $450 million, and comes to us with more
than 27 years’ experience in law enforcement.

The FOUR-WAY TEST was thoroughly examined last
week by our talented local students. Gertrude Bacchus
would have been proud. And who knew how traumatizing
a pimple could be?

San Bernardino County District Attorney MIKE
RAMOS will give the Club an update on what’s happening

Did anyone successfully guess the identities of both Redlands
High School seniors featured in last week’s edition
of The Spoke? Figuring out the right answer will certainly
provide an educational experience if you don’t race past so
quickly that you miss it.

Many notable Rotarians will be attending the quadrennial
(that’s every four years) gala event at Smiley Library
this Saturday night to provide support for important programs
and materials. For those of you not attending, the
Library thanks you in advance for your generous contributions.
After all, to paraphrase one of last week’s students,
our Club is a good group of old, rich people.

The Birthday Polka by John Rovack
Put another candle on my birthday cake
We’re gonna bake a birthday cake
Put another candle on my birthday cake
I’m another year old today

February children are: JIM BRASWELL, ED
believe how few members were born in February? Perhaps
it has something to do with July heat in the days before
air conditioning… It also means extra ice cream at
the birthday table, so first come, first served!

Do you know of a Rotarian who is ill or missing meetings
and needs some encouragement from the Club? If so,
please contact PREZ JIM at jpinder@llu.edu or
NATHAN GONZALES at ngonzales@akspl.org so we
can be sure to show our membership that We Care. Remember,
if we don’t know, then we can’t provide our support.
Oh, and if you prefer not to send info by email, the
good old fashioned telephone works, too – appropriate
numbers found in the Club directory.

Last week I felt a little like Sheldon Cooper, the character
from The Big Bang Theory TV show on CBS. Sheldon
must always sit in the same spot on his couch. I was
preempted by Bernie O’Prey, who sat in my usual seat to
the left of the podium. He was willing to move Jim
Ziemer to the right of the podium to make room for me,
but I still wouldn’t be sitting in my usual spot. Turns out
I was ahead, sitting next to Cheryl Riggs and Sandi Bentley.
Where would you rather sit? By the way, thank you
Bernie for a well-run 4-Way Speech Contest. One Rotarian
commented it was run with military precision. I
agreed, wondering why Bernie hadn’t told anyone to drop
and give him 20 (pushups). It came close, as judge Mark
Abel arrived just in time to help keep score.

Statistics from District 5330 paint us in a very favorable
light. We have been in second place for the highest membership…
until last week when we welcomed back ex-Police
Chief Lew Nelson. Now we’re tied for first place with
Corona at 102 members. Getting to 105-110 members
by Jim Nolin’s year is very achievable. We’re also in second
place for Polio Plus funding this year at $6,410. First
place goes to Lake Arrowhead. But they’re just showing
off because District Governor Joe Ramos III hails from
that Club.

February 27, 2014 No. 30 Editor: Nathan D. Gonzales

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