Spoke Newsletter – 02/12/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 02/12/2015

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishesto Rotarians and theirsweethearts! We will enjoy our guests for our luncheon today and then head across the street to the Congregational Church for our annual Music Competition. This entertaining event is coordinated by SABINE ROBERTSON-PHILLIPS and LORI RHODES. Students from our local high schools will perform vocally and instrumentally. The talent demonstrated is truly inspiring.

NATHAN GONZALES, archivist and curator ofthe Lincoln Shrine, along with DON McCUE, Director of the A.K. Smiley Library, and MARIA CARRILLO presented an informative and interesting program aboutAbraham Lincoln, our 16th President in prelude to the 76th Lincoln Pilgrimage which took place last weekend, and which began in Redlandsin 1940. Lincoln enthusiast Daniel Weinberg was the speaker at the 83rd Annual Watchorn Dinner last Thursday. At our meeting, these two Rotarians and Maria spoke of the events occurring in 1865, the year Lincoln was assassinated 150 years ago. DON, who said his job has evolved from historian to building facilities manager, spoke of the Assault on Fort Fisher in January of that year, the lives lost, and about the ultimate surrender at Appomattox Courthouse following Grant taking Richmond and the Battle on April 2, 1865. Marie spoke of Lincoln’srelatively short but poignant inaugural address centering on war and slavery, of reunification and the “hypocrisy of men.” It isinteresting to note that over halfthe audience wasAfrican-American. NATHAN’s words invoked thought as to “What was slavery.” The concept of owning another human being seemssuch an anomaly today, yet in 1840 South Carolina imposed a tax when ownersrented out theirslaves, their property. Slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution which was passed by the 38th Congress on February 1, 1865, but took effect laterthat year. Following his assassination on Good Friday,April 14, 1865, Lincoln was taken to his home in Springfield, Illinois where he was laid to rest.

Past President JIM PINDER is a man to be viewed in a whole new lightActive Shooter! At the Loma Linda School of Pharmacy, he was chosen to play the part of the guy who goes “Postal” in a mock exercise. The whole drone incident a year or so back should have been our clue. Has anyone checked what video games JIM plays or what’sin his arsenal at home? I’ll look under the bed. Was his role to emulate that of a terrorist, or was he merely a disgruntled employee succumbing to workplace violence? Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little therapy and kind words.

KEVIN CORREA giving PREZ JIM his spot in line at TraderJoe’s was a “LittleAct of Kindness” that we should all try to bestow each day. However, as we all learn at timesthe hard way ”No good deed goes unpunished.” Don’t get discouraged. Before this day is over do one random act or express one thought to better someone else’s day.

Today is Southwestern Chicken Salad and Banana Cream Pie. There goes JACK OSBORN and inspiring and aspiring students. COMPACT MIXER on Friday, February 19th Club. Contact DAVE MAUPIN for more information.

JACK OSBORN and inspiring and aspiring students.

COMPACT MIXER on Friday, February 19th Club. Contact DAVE MAUPIN for more information. , 5:30 at Redlands Country

RED,WINE & BLUES — Mark your calendarsfor Saturday, March 28th 4-7 at the Redlands Country Club. Tickets are available sale so let’s get moving. Sell early and sell a lot!! Baskets and Wine for auction valued at $50 or more and gift bags.

WINE DINNER – Monday March 23rd at the Mitten Building. Make your reservation with RON JEFFREY as space is limited. $100/person – Beef Wellington is the main course.

TOUCHATRUCK–May 30th 9-3 at local schools.

OK, don’t get me wrong, the RedWine&Blues committee is doing a bang up job, but what am I missing with the whole sponsorship thing? So, I can pay $250 to be a “Premium Sponsor” which now includes 2 tickets ORI can pay $500 to be a “Magnum Sponsor” and get exactly the same stuff. Knock Knock, are you with me?Anybody home? My thoughts — Skip these two levels entirely and just go for “Double Magnum” or “Imperial.” Less to think about or debate.

On a more sedate note and without sarcasm is a topic I’ve mentioned before, but it’ssomething we all may want to consider.When putting together your own estate plan, why not consider a bequest to Rotary Club of Redlands Foundation? It can be small or large, but if you believe in Rotary, this is a way for your legacy to continue into the future. In future Spokes, I’ll give more info on how to accomplish helping Rotary continue to improve our world for generationsto come.You can also contact CHRISWALKER (Mr. GQ), FOREST HOWE, or our Prez for more info.

Joke of the Day: Two blondesfind three hand grenades by an alleyway and decide to take them to the police station. One asked, “What if one explodes before we get there?” The other replies, “We’ll tell them we only found two.”

“Never look down on anybody, unless you are helping them up”Who have you helped lately without seeking recognition or reward?

The presidential message this week is liberally borrowed (“plagiarized”) from the writings of Steve Garret, PDG District 5300, 1994-1995. “The month of February is very special in theRotary calendarsince it is designated World Understanding Month. The month also includes the anniversary of the first meeting of Rotary held on February 23, 1905, now designated World Understanding and Peace Day. As an international organization, Rotary offers each member unique opportunities and responsibilities. Although each Rotarian has first responsibility to uphold the obligations of citizenship of his or her own country, membership in Rotary enables Rotariansto take a somewhat different view of international affairs. In the early 1950s a Rotary philosophy was adopted to describe how a Ro-
tarian may think on a global basis. Here is what it said: A world-minded Rotarian:
• looks beyond national patriotism and considers himself as sharing responsibility for the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace;

• resists any tendency to act in terms of national or racial superiority;

• seeks and develops common grounds for agreement with peoples of other lands;

• defends the rule of law and order to preserve the liberty of the individual so that he may enjoy freedom of thought, speech and assembly, and freedom from persecution, aggression, want and fear;

• supports action directed toward improving standards of living for all peoples, realizing that poverty anywhere endangers prosperity everywhere;

• upholds the principles of justice for mankind;

• strives always to promote peace between nations and prepares to make personal sacrifices for that ideal;

• urges and practices a spirit of understanding of every other man’s beliefs as a step toward international goodwill, recognizing that there are certain basic moral and spiritual standards which will ensure a richer, fuller life.

World Understanding Month is a chance for every club to pause, plan and promote the Fourth Avenue of Service: Rotary’s continued quest for goodwill, peace and understanding among people of the world.”
Editor – Betty Auton Beck – No 29 –2/12/2015

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