Spoke Newsletter – 02/05/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 02/05/2015

NATHAN GONZALES is archivist and head of special collections at A.K. Smiley Library as well as curator of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and survivor of the home tour. His presentation on the Lincoln Shrine will prove enlightening and inspirational. Redlands is fortunate to have one of the most extensive collections of Abraham Lincoln west of the Mississippi.

As we entered the back half of the NOLIN REIGN OFTERROR, our hardworking Board of Directors acknowledged our Club’s accomplishments and the hard work of our members with a “State of the Club” program. JIM NOLIN made particular note of Breakfast and a Book (Who made it to Lugonia this morning?); the Dictionary Project; Students of the Month; Rising Stars; Purple Turtles and Veterans Day Parade. Our Club is truly blessed with a wonderful group of individuals dedicated to Rotary and its principles. A.J. BEECHKO reminded us of all those who work so hard behind the scenes to ensure our meetings and activities run smoothly, including CHRIS WALKER and JIM ZIEMER who come early and stay late to set up and take down lunch set up.

Also worthy of remembrance was CAL BOOTHBY’s “S_____y” Schnauzer with the Split Spleen.” We wish the pooch a full recovery. Also, JEFF FRAZIER’s historical recollection of Redlands Fire Chief who blew himself up in 1920. JEFF also wants us to be promoting the “Touch a Truck” event scheduled for May 30 from 9-3 at local schools. This is a great way for Rotary to introduce itself to a wider audience in the community.

Steve’s surprise!! But always delicious. I used to keep to my diet a couple years back when I came to Rotary. No longer.

12th Annual Music Competition. Amazing talents and fabulous entertainment!

JAN HUDSON is a recognized honoree by Town & Gown and University of Redlands at the upcoming event this Saturday, February 7th at UofR, She and her other half MARV are examples of what it is to be a Rotarian and serve the community. (P.S. for you newer members, these two met and fell in love as Rotarians in our Club. We truly are a full service Club.)

HARRY JOHN, a veteran of World War II has been a Rotarian since 1959 and among his many contributions to Redlands was instrumental in the creation of Ford Park and prior to that acquiring funds to purchase Prospect Park. He was named Chamber of Commerce’s Man of the Year last week based upon his lifetime of philanthropic work.

LARRY BURGESS, aficionado extraordinaire of the Palm Springs Film Festival and disdainer of local bourgeoise theatre venues, will be offering his Redlands Intensive Class which focuses on the history of, 7-9 at the A.K. Smiley Library. Contact the maestro (Larry not Felini) for details. Redlands starting February 17th

COMPACT MIXER on Friday, February 19th, 5:30 at Redlands Country Club. DAVE MAUPIN is our Club’s tireless coordinator for incorporating our youth into Rotary service. He manages to do it all as a real COMPACT MIXER on Friday, February 19th renaissance man – star gazer; mountain climbing in Africa, fishing in New Zealand, etc., etc, etc. All are encouraged to come.

RED, WINE & BLUES — Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 28th, 4-7 at the Redlands Country Club. Tickets are available sale so let’s get moving. Sell early and sell alot!!Talk to SANDRA BENTLEY and pick up a pack of ten. Think of basket ideas valued at $50 or more

that will appeal to the silent bidders as well as bringing a bottle of wine valued at $50 or more. Get the wine to KEVIN CORREIA or LYNDA SCHAUF for safe-keeping ‘til the event. They promise not to taste test ahead of time. If you have any wine gift bags left from the holidays toss them in for good measure.

WINE DINNER – Monday March 23rd at the Mitten Building. Make your reservation with RON JEFFREY as space is limited. $100/person – Beef Wellington is the main course. (However, if vegetarian issues, I’m sure you can be accommodated. I consider myself a vegetarian as I only eat animals that eat vegetables.)

Since I am the Editor this month, I will make every possible effort to offend everyone at least once with some politically incorrect or other outlandish comment. If you take personal offense, get over it. I probably will keep this side of a libelous lawsuit being filed as my ex is in charge of the Spoke this year, and we don’t talk a lot, and he won’t criticize my work even if he wants to. (More of that love/hate stuff in our Club!)

Super Bowl Sunday found some fellow Rotarians rooting and drinking together – STAN WEISSER, JIM BRASWELL, NATHAN GON ZALES, JOHN PATTERSON and yours truly. Great game and great half-time show! But the Seahawks literally “threw” the game away in the final play losing to the Patriots with a final score of 28-24. What an idiotic call! A freshman high school football player would have known better.

Groundhog’s Day was last Monday, and Punxsutawney saw his shadow and returned to his burrow for another six weeks of winter. Those folks living elsewhere have it tough! Glad for sunny California.

“The chances you don’t take are the ones you regret the most.” What chances have you regretted not taking and would take if given the opportunity to do so? Why?

February is “World Understanding Month” in the Rotary universe. Every Rotary Club around the world is guided by the Four Way Test, and the fourth Object of Rotary is “(t)he advancement of international understanding, good will, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men and women united in the ideal of service.” Don’t forget that promoting peace is also one of RI’s Six Areas of Focus.

It is with this in mind that I’m happy to report that a Rotary International World Peace Conference, co-sponsored by District 5330 and five other Districts, will take place right in our back yard on January 15 and 16,2016 at the Ontario Convention Center. The conference is open to all, Rotarian and non-Rotarian, and will consist of speakers from around the world with Q &A sessions, panel discussions, facilitated action planning sessions and more covering thirteen training tracks. The tracks focus on Conflict Resolution and Prevention in the areas of Community, Television, Film and Media, Religion, Civil Rights, and School, just to name a few.

This event, fellow Redlands Rotarians, is a big deal! It will provide each of us an opportunity to participate meaningfully in this very important but often overlooked Area of Focus on an international scale. It will also give us an opportunity to engage the Inland Empire in the ideals and goals of Rotary in a new and impactful way. I hope you will join me next year at the conference. For more information or to register, go to www.PeaceConference2016.org.

Editor – Betty Auton Beck – No. 28 –2/5/2015

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